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  1. Dolev Ravid

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    hi guys, i would like to install the GTN 750 with my REP 172, but didn't liked the fact it has two GTN's how do i build it to be able only on the upper side? any help ?
  2. Hi guys when i'm flying i'm always seen myself as other traffic. but when flying beside other aircrafts (im Vatsim pilot) GTN750 does not shows them on Traffic screen see the following picture: any help ?
  3. Dolev Ravid

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    hi guys. i just bought the GTN750 and i'm using REP 172. can you assiste me with integration between them ? i can't understand how do i supposed to make it .. any help ?
  4. Dolev Ravid

    XPR + xplane 11 + ipad

    hi! i would like to buy the XPR GTN750 but would like to know if it's been possiable to use that over ipad. i'm using x-plane 11 and i've the ipad pro 10.5" it is possiable to use the XPR gtn 750 on iPad ? thank you
  5. Dolev Ravid

    4k mouse issues

    I've this issue also. In addition I've another issue - I can't click on MCP and overhead panel with the mouse in 4K.
  6. Dolev Ravid

    pmdg & bbj

    that's good! i'll check this out . thank you :)
  7. Dolev Ravid

    pmdg & bbj

    Thank you downscs! do you have the repaints of the bbj ?
  8. Dolev Ravid

    pmdg & bbj

    repaint if not my problem. the bbj can make almost 4000nm (!)... that's what i'm looking for. thiny aircraft that can make transatlantic flight :)
  9. Dolev Ravid

    pmdg & bbj

    Hi guys! I would like to purchase PMDG product but trying to understand if PMDG have the BBJ on their fleet? if not, there's in option to get it on their's products?
  10. Dolev Ravid

    Aerosoft CRJ worth it?

    I bought it yesterday , after reading all this topi: many of my friends recommand me to buy the CRJ and after 5 hours flight I can say completely that this is a wonderful airplane. LOVE IT!
  11. Dolev Ravid

    What's the best business jet for P3D mid 2017?

    thats look awesome! didn't bought it yet but I really think they in the same level beside A2A and PMDG .
  12. Dolev Ravid

    What's the best business jet for P3D mid 2017?

    hi guys, i'm looking for review for Xtreme Prototypes Lear SE V , any help ?
  13. Whats up ? I just bought the PA31T few days ago and i've real problem using this aircraft: first of all - during cruising the attitude indicator doesnt show the flight directior and it seems like something went wrong with him... see the following photo: Another issue, i'm always getting "Cabin press" error. i gave the altitude on the "cabin altitude goal" but i still get an error: how do i fix this issues? thank you :)