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  1. Hi. In case I opt to the HD mesh I need to generate the tiles again with the new mesh and then Overlay it ? Edit: I did it, Overlay with Ortho4XP and added HD Mesh folder in the scenery.ini thks MCP
  2. Here is the link to some screenshots http://www.mcpdigital.com/main/sims-games/
  3. After one week working with Orthos4XP I had success with the first 4 tiles of the "Volcano Land". I use to live around this area and it is a beautiful scenery (naturally). The setup is a bit different from the tutorials but in general my major problem was Complex Masks, it gave problems and the game crashed in several different ways. Now I have a question about the foggy image that is displayed as a result of the tiles creation. What should the parameters be to make such correction in Orthos4XP. I want to make it preferable in one pass, it doesn't matter if the tiles already have some different tones, I just want to boost some contrast and color correction. Should I have done this with the JPEGs before creating the tiles ? Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks MCP
  4. Hi. I have the same GTX 750 Ti 2GB. I tried many packages and I believe all of them worked too and FSW is now full of mods. Will put it back to original too. Running Ultra scenery take a tool on the fps. Setting weather and traffic to low will gain some fps. The last thing I was adding is mesh, but it makes FSW heavier for my system. Did you try any vector based pack ? Marcelo
  5. Very much worth the US$ 10, for sure. The sim racing arena is crowded with new titles. Most of them excel in one specific feature while the main ones try to keep the simulation as the main objective, not the entertainment. Today the graphics are getting so good that even a sim oriented title can be enjoyed by users who seek visuals too. The cars are super detailed, the setup possibilities are sometimes more flexible than the real race cars. Everything can be changed from tires to suspension angles, passing through the combination of electric and combustion engines and aero-dynamics. The racing arena is very competitive too, with worldwide leaderboards for hotlaps making the users trying to beat better racers all the time. I spend days trying to cut some decimals of seconds from my laptimes. Resuming, we have some solid Sim Racing titles that are always being developed and upgraded. Different from the FS scene as you mentioned. Maybe FSW will change that, as it was in my case. I knew Flight Sims since MS FS 2006 I think, but it did not attract me because to make it good other stuff were needed to be bought, and that is another compromise when choosing you platform. We think twice before adding $tuff to specific games. Assetto Corsa as an example, charges US$ 10-15 for a "Car Package" with some 5 or 6 new cars. It is not expensive and it would be worth it only to have the detailed cars in your hands, not to mention one can still drive them. Steam is a boost for sure. I'm pretty sure FSW will largely benefit from this, as well as the DLCs. In the case of flight sim, maybe it will be better than racing because racing scene is very divided between many titles that do not share any kind of content. So once you decide for one title you usually forget all the others and focus. Overall, comparing flight sim with race sims FSW did not disappoint, adding extra content from OrbX and others make it much better and comparable with the best latest racing titles. Thanks for the warm welcome. Marcelo
  6. Hi, just joined the AVSIM community. Fantastic site with tons of info and "pro" simmers. Decided to share my perception as a new comer to the flight sim world. As a first time user of any Flight Sim, I feel the offer by DTG with FSW is a no-brainer. I´m a into race simulations for decades, like Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom, SimBin Race series, etc FSW made a good first impression. It is well done, beautiful and provide a good "fun" from the start. The setup with triple screens was pretty easy and did not need to enable NVidia Surround to work. Better yet, it seems to use the same idea of Assetto Corsa and is able to manage the 3 screens efficiently individually, so performance with triples is better than managing a massive virtual single "screen". My setup is 3 x 24 inch 1920x1200 displays, GTX 750ti 2GB, Core i7 920 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM. It can run triples in Medium settings with little bit of stutter on the extras screens only. Main screen is perfect. I bought it without even thinking twice, little more than US$ 10 and (I did not know) includes packages that costs almost US$ 50, like FTX Global, AccuFeel and so on. After playing FSW I was more interested in Flight Sim and started my researches. FSW is really very similar to FSX (that I do not own yet), but with more potential for the future. So essentially what we get is an affordable Base package that is functional, and works with the third party packages made for FSX. Tested some demo scenarios and all of them worked flawlessly. Orbx packages don´t even need the FTC Global installed to work. I believe FSW will bring some new Sim fans to the air. In my case I have some 10 hours of flight in the first week. I was able to learn the basics, use auto-pilot and land where I was supposed to land. Traveled over the Andes in regions I´m very familiar, and was impressed with the scenario and correct positioning of the peaks and lakes. There are almost no cities in this part of the world. Try Villa O´Higgins airfield in Chile. Very happy to leave the racing tracks for a while and fly away. Flight Sim with photo realistic terrains will be stunning, can´t wait. Thank you all for sharing all the info available at AVSIM. Marcelo
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