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  1. nabeel

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    So, I removed all the blank AiCodes - good news - no crashes. I picked up from a flight that had crashed, and the last 4 hours or so went fine. Bad news - no traffic. I'm guessing it's because UTL doesn't like the traffic levels in-sim being messed with 🙂 However, once I restarted, all of the United liveries were the old tulips. So I'll undo the blanks and see if the limit on the injections alone fixes it. The good part (??) is that I can leave the sim open and it'll just CTD Edit: Hmm, I'm not seeing all of the repaints show up in the configuration tool
  2. nabeel

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Thanks for this - I'm getting random ntdll crashes and I suspect it's also something to do with the same issues you're running into. Are the AICode blank ones basically unused? I'm not sure what that actually means. I just grabbed, and I'm removing all those blanks. Hopefully that does the trick.
  3. nabeel

    Presets not saving

    Thanks Keven, the next time I run into it, I will have the reports sent, unless they're automatically generated. It seems that sometimes the defaults also aren't saved, so it's a little jarring. But I'll try to replicate it and get some logs over to you guys. Are they immediately stored and then retrieved server-side? RE the zoom, I'll check that.
  4. Hi guys, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here. I start out with a preset, and I change its location, hit save, and then go back to the preset and it's not updated. This happens a lot, where sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't. Always happens with the zoom, so if I modify a preset, change the zoom (using +/- within P3D) and update the changed preset, it doesn't save. See the video: Also I'd like to be able to create a preset from a current view - so if I select the "right wing" view from the aircraft views menu within P3D, then it'll save that view, instead of having to pick one specifically from CP and modify. And, when a config is made the default (the definitions are a bit confusing with default), those values should be picked up on new presets. I have to go to an existing preset, right click and make each one the default "across all aircraft". I was a little confused why new presets weren't getting those values. Maybe being able to have templates for those motion values that we can set to different aircraft types. It is P3D 4.2, latest beta. I'm having some other funky issues like the chaseplane not deactivating. It's been a pretty long flight (~14 hours now), I start seeing weird behavior on long(er) flights. This is my 4th with Chaseplane, it was working as expected there. Apologies if I'm missing something!