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  1. I've solved it by deleting ReShade. Thanks for trying to come anyways.
  2. Also FSX doesn't respond and after around a minute it closes itself.
  3. I just got DX10 scenery fixer last night and haven't experienced any problems so tonight I decided to go in VATSIM and do some VFR for a bit. I'm now in FSX sitting in the stand and decided to go to my desktop and open vPilot and ASN. I go back to FSX and I get greeted with a black screen. I noticed vPilot doesn't notice FSX is rolling so it doesn't connect. This only happens when I switch to DX10. Any help? -Anton
  4. I'm currently in IVAO flying to EHAM and when I was taxiing, my dome light randomly came on. I tried switching it off and it didnt work. I switched off all the lights and it still did not work. This is how my cockpit looks like and these are my overhead panels https://gyazo.com/37201a987ebd081f2d5931283685ff39 https://gyazo.com/17421598eb5bd122f5e14ef41632e030 https://gyazo.com/531fe28d994fd5d28cb5cbdde9ed06aa -Anton
  5. they should have it done by the 7th if not, then the 10th
  6. fixed it guys. thanks for the suggestions. I looked into my dll.xml file and I noticed the PMDG HUD interface code thing isn't there, so I went to to my backup file for the dll.xml and I found the code written in there, so I replaced my current dll.xml with the backup file and reinstalled addon manager.
  7. i am flying from seattle to juneau and i decided to drop down my hud, I was surprised that nothing came on, before it was good now its not. any suggestions? https://gyazo.com/3fa82c6c370fd22b2f3cfda3c2475920 cheers, Anton
  8. I just got a reply from PMDG. They said they are currently working on this problem. they're aware of it. if they're aware of it theres pretty much nothing you can do.
  9. i tried your solution busulaiman. no luck :(
  10. having the same problem here.i sent a ticket to pmdg they said their fixing it
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