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  1. Hi all, On a system which always run very well with the NGX on FSX acceleration. I now have stuttering flights (only for the NGX all other planes are perfect) and when i log events in FSUIPC i find that the log is flooded with event 85637 ctrls. On a forum of Peter Dowson (FSUIPC latest version) i could read his answer on another problem and he stated that this event was used by PMDG. Has anyone a solution for this? my system specs: Intel core i7 8700 series with Geforce 870 TI with 11 GB of ram. Thanks
  2. Learned a lot, think I go with AT off like Boeing recommends and just practice this more. Especially now I know about this ground effect, last landings (with AT off) where a lot easier than the ones I experienced before! Thanks guys for the clarifications!
  3. Ok guys, a lot of different opinions. In the mean time I did several succesfull handlandings with disconnecting AP and AT at several heights and I get the feeling that I just need more practice! Jason, could it be this ground effect You mentioned that I experience as an automatic flare when I dont flare at 10 foot? Because when I don't flare and watch the vertical speed, I can see that it decreases when about 15 feet AFL and the plane settles quit smooth on the runway. On the other hand, if I flare albeit a little it starts floating above the runway when on AT and when not on AT my airspeed drops.
  4. Yes Dan, it's the boxed version SP2. I indeed can launch the NGX normaly, only if I try to load a saved flight (Saved by the Menu or automatically by FSUIPC) it loads to 4% and then gives a Crash to Desktop. If I remove the .fmc from the panelstate folder it loads fine but offcourse without any fmc-data. In my previous post I mentioned that the Course is ok, but to clarify this it's the MCP-course settings NOT the route data. Last days when I load a saved flight, I first delete the .fmc file and after load reenter the route data if possible (doesn't work always).
  5. Ok, thanks. Still a lot to practice. Did a landing without AT, but its demanding to look at airspeed, descend rate an runway allignment all at the same time, so crashed it because airspeed dropped to much. Its hard to land this way even if I allign throttles to the AT position before disconnecting, but then, I will keep practicing. I am not a simmer for that long and luckily no real passengers aboard!! Normally I handfly untill at cruize level and then again from final approach fix of ATC to Landing but always with AT active.
  6. Thanks Guys, a lot of usefull information. Tomorrow I will start landings without AT and bleed of the +5 wind correction to get to Vref at touchdown. I always landed with AT because that would give me the best Gust protection accordingly to what I have read, but indeed I was already expecting that AT wil give more power to hold the commanded speed when the nose is raised for the flare. Should't it not automatically go in Retard mode when below 27 feet or is this only when under AP? Could that be the "auto" flare I experience? And Yes, I indeed switched from the default 737 to the NGX, beatifull simulation. Still many Things to learn!! Thanks again for all the sugestions.
  7. Dear Simmers, I have a question about manual landing the PMDG 737NGX. As i am practicing manual landings with this beautiful plane i find that if i don't flare, it will automaticcaly decrease vertical speed and land smoothly almost like it does a LAND 3 which it doesn't because it is under FD not under CMD and sometimes even on a runway without ILS. If i start to flare at about 10 feet AFL it floats forever and i have to forcibly push the nose down. I am landing with AT active. Anyone who has a tip or suggestion what causses this behavior? Thanks for any sugesstion! Leo Schoonbroodt
  8. Don't know if this CTD is resolved, can't find a solution to the problem but have exact the same problem. When loading a saved flight with the NGX (doesn't matter if it is saved by FSUIPC or through the FSX-menu) it generates a CTD when at 4% loading. When I delete the .fmc file from the pannelstate directory it loads fine except off course that I dont have the fmc data. The rest of the pannelstate seems ok even NAV radio and course etc. is present. Anybody found a solution for this problem?
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