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  1. Thanks Ryan for the suggestion. I was thinking at that price it probably not very realistic, and so I thought I would ask someone who had experience or an opinion. I had not considered that plane, but have heard good things about VFlyte.. I will check it out. Thanks again.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for some info about how realistic the Aztec by xhangar is to fly? I was looking for a review but could not find one. Thanks, Kent.
  3. Thanks for the information. I had it up for a couple of take-offs and landings. It will take some getting use to 😊 Look forward to getting some more time in.
  4. Hi Jimmy, I can't believe that I missed that. It says it is an S-TEC. So, I think you are right. It looks like they put out good planes. 😁. Thanks for getting back to me, and pointing that out. Kent.
  5. Hi All, Anyone have this plane from AeroSphere-PA32-260? I was wondering if it had a stock Autopilot and if it does how well does it work? Do you like the plane? Thanks Kent.
  6. Thanks, Alex. What a great program! A lot to digest for my 77-yo brain, so I will have to do a better job of reading the manual. Kent.
  7. I upgraded littlenavmap to v6.2.11 and it was working fine. I am using Xplane 11.53. Everything was working fine, until I tried to adjust the windows and the map disappeared and I cannot get it back. I am not sure which button to get the map back. 😥. Any idea what I can do? Thanks, Kent.
  8. I build a new flight sim computer and am installing programs for my X-Plane. I am trying to load my RealityXP GTN for Xplane and get this message file not found when program goes to internet? when I click on rxpGTN-XPL-Setup.exe I get the message "File not found (404). On the website I have a valid order number and F1 certficate, but when attempt to download it says There is an invalid product configuration Please contact support. But I can find where I can find support????
  9. Hi Dave, Well I am embarrassed ☹️. Of course, I saw this list when I first installed my navigraph, but for got about it. Thanks for the reference. Kent.
  10. Hi All, I am trying to find high performance airplanes or business jets that use the latest AIRAC cycle or can be updated in their navigation systems? I have been looking at different airplanes but it is hard to determine which ones use the latest updates or are update-able? I know that several of the airlines can be update-able, but am looking for smaller aircraft so I can practice SIDs and STARs for IFR training. Also, which navigation systems are the easiest to use and/or program? Thanks so much, Kent.
  11. Jean-Luc, That appears to have done the job. The problem, I think, was, in the C:\RealityXp that initially was established? I renamed that folder, and then had the RXP installer create the new folder (C:\RealityXp), and then everything was automatically installed. The xplane manual was downloaded, and the plugin has been established in Xplane, and I have created a flight plan. It appears to be working. Now to read the manual. Thanks, Kent.
  12. Nothing in Windows Defender Quarantine or Malwarebytes. How can I get another source file that is not corrupted and try again? What is the procedure for that?
  13. I downloaded and attempted to install Reality XP GTN 750 into my XPlane 11, and got message that "source file corrupted..." Not sure how to proceed. The Garmin Trainers were all loaded successfully. This was the installation step to load the program into Xplane Resources Plugin. Anybody have this problem and was able to get it working? Thanks, Kent.
  14. Thanks, Chris, Will do. I was realizing that I needed to get some more information on how to set this up, and had forgotten about these ...oops. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Kent.
  15. Hi, I am trying to get my PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies running. I seem to be having trouble with the FMC, and have been following youtube tutorials to see what the problem is. I have noticed that my Nav Data: AIRAC-0802 (Active Feb14Mar12/08, and wonder if that might be a problem. Do I need to get an update for that? I did load an update from the website v1.2, but don't know if there is another update I need to do for the nav data? I am getting "not in database" error messages. Also, at one point when I got to the activate and then pushed "exec", and it took me back to activate instead of moving forward to the next step. Not sure enough to know how to proceed?? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks, Kent.
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