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  1. it definitely helps but the grainy texture is still there especially on the reflections. first picture with AA off, second picture with TAA on. btw I have the latest nvidia driver
  2. the bug is both on the left side of the cocpit and on the right side under the GPS...
  3. enlarge the image and look at the left side of the cocpit also under the gps. a lot of pixealtion, sanding or whatever it's called 🙂
  4. I'm having this pixaleted areas on bright and dark objects, settings are at ultra, rtx2080 i7 9700k I'm not sure if this is intentional but in diplay settings HDR10 is on and grayed so I can't change it. but my monitor is not HDR. maybe this is causing the problem? I've tried different settings but it didn't help. Zoom in and check the left side of the cocpit
  5. Is it clear which products you’ll produce first after dc-6?
  6. But one is always higher than the other 🙂It’s true, and i know some of you will check your balls after reading this 😄
  7. And what do you think about the platform? Once you said x plane is not a suitable platform for complicated planes like yours. Does things have changed since x plane 11 or will they change in the near future(based on your conversation between devs of course)? Or were you simply wrong at that time?
  8. Interesting news, I was starting to think you guys hate xplane :P I hope your 748 project goes well, and then I guess you’ll start implementing those new features to older planes, then a 737 max? After that xplane? Anyways there’s obviously a long road ahead for you guys
  9. Please don’t mention about x-plane or the topic will be closed in no time :) it seems they just hate it
  10. There is MAX on the envelope. MAX has X in it, X-Plane also has X in it. 737 MAX for X-Plane confirmed! :D
  11. Well i’m not a developer or know anything about coding but i’d like to ask when x-plane includes vulkan and a new sdk on the way, does it change your perspective againts x plane?
  12. I'm aware of that and that's why i'm asking "them" are there any wip project going on or x plane is completely on hold? And is x plane 11 platform capable for their aircrafts? Since if they think x plane 11 is not capable then there is no need to derp around about x plane in this forum for a few more years
  13. I've added it later because i use mobile browser as you said, what about any answers to my questions? Are there any products wip or x plane platform is on completely hold? And is x plane 11 a better platform for your products or is it still not capable to hold your aircrafts like x plane 10?
  14. Here it is, but this statement was given before xplane 11, dunno if anything changed
  15. Just to be sure, pmdg is not working or will not work on any plane for x plane 11 anytime soon and they are not interested in x plane right? i'm also wondering something, a while ago they've said x plane 10 platform is not capable for their complicated planes, does this include x plane 11 or things have changed since 11?
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