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  1. Slartibartfast

    Glide Slope for Carriers

    I'm using an X-56 Rhino (by Sietek) and haven't noticed any sluggishness as such. In fact the F/A-18 seems extremely responsive on all axis and after a quick look I appear to have all three sensitivities cranked to max and null zones at nil. I've done a little and in fact that's exactly what I'm doing now ;) I've read this guide, which is why I've been approaching at 600'. The guide also discusses the concept that air speed is controlled by AoA and descent rate is controlled by throttle (the opposite of what one would initially guess) which has been a great help but I'm struggling to tell when I'm actually on the glide slope in the first place. It can also be extremely hard advice to follow when the meat ball turns red and you're already over speed but it certainly helps when trying to fine tune the approach to begin with. I've also read several other threads and watched a few real-life videos but the techniques implied don't seem to apply that well to the mission at hand. Anyway, after making a save point just at the beginning of approach and making many, many practice attempts I seem to have been able to increase my survivable average to about 75% of approaches so perhaps I'll be able to stick 5 in a row in the real mission now. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for you help :1+:
  2. Slartibartfast

    Glide Slope for Carriers

    Thanks for your responses. As it is I'm attempting to do all the Acceleration Missions with out making any modifications, or using save and restore points. While it would be easy to make 5 in a row by saving after each successful landing and re attempting till a have another success I kind of see this as cheating. For the same reason I'm wanting to complete the mission with stock aircraft and standard fuel and would prefer not to use other 'cheats' such as hiding the dash or flying from an external view, but perhaps the simulator's shortcomings don't make this feasable. As for salvaging a failing approach, what should I do if I'm set up perfectly at 135kn with the meatball centered and AoA indicator showing the yellow circle and I find I'm sinking? I find myself in this situation time and time again. Invariably I pull the nose up a little and possibly add a little power in an attempt to keep the meatball centered (if I can see it) but obviously this winds up going pair-shaped fairly quickly. What would be to correct way to respond to an impending undershoot?
  3. Slartibartfast

    Glide Slope for Carriers

    I've been having a great deal of trouble making it through the "Carrier Practice" mission in FSX-SE. After much practice I seem to be able to make a successful landing about 50% of the time and after many attempts have managed to get 3 successful traps in a row, but 5 remains elusive. In particular I constantly find myself landing short with the AoA indicator telling me to lower my nose more. What am I doing wrong? I attempt to come in at about 600' with speed of 150kn but basically have to have the nose so high that I can't even see the carrier. I keep lowering the nose to see where the carrier is then pulling up again to maintain height till I think I'm on glide slope but keep being told I'm over speed, my nose is too high and ultimately end up coming up short of the deck. Is there meant to be a way to tell if your on or below glide-slope? I know the meatball is supposed to help but I find it so hard to read and it's usually not visible above the instrument panel anyhow. How do you guys set up for a successful landing?
  4. Slartibartfast

    Mission AI Aircraft went invisible

    I know you asked this several months ago but I am having the exact same problem with a GTX 1070 as well. I however am relatively new to FSX and only have a vanilla Steam install. The only modification I have made to my install is to add "SmallPartRejectRadius=1" to my 'fsx.cfg' file in attempt to fix the problem but this hasn't helped. I am however able to see mission AI planes if I get extremely close to them, like less that 0.2nm close. This makes it all but impossible to fly some missions because you simply can't see the other aircraft you meant to be flying with. This has been an issue in all flights I'm made but I discuss it in particular in this post about the "Custom Intercept" mission: Any thoughts as to a fix for this issue. It really is extremely annoying!