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  1. Ram

    TOGA mecanics on Takeoff

    Maybe I am blind but I do not see HDG SEL on the MCP in the videos. He hits LNAV and it arms it as shown on the FMA. Than on selecting TOGA it arms the HDG select as seen on the FMA. That seemed strange and I just wanted to understand why and why not. But you are right it might be too situational.
  2. Ram

    TOGA mecanics on Takeoff

    I am then trying to understand why it does on his tutorial video But then there is no roll mode engaged in this other video from the same person. You are right, that fixed the issue. Thanks. So to summarize I have now fixed the issue of not having both FD turned on and I see the same behavior as flightdeck2sim during his rejected T/O tutorial. I still don't understand the behavior we can see in his takeoff tutorial. Could it be depending on the way the FMC is programmed? Some kind of SID or something else?
  3. Ram

    TOGA mecanics on Takeoff

    Hi, I don't know if it is a bug or something I don't understand about the airplane, but I am not able to replicate the intended behavior of the autopilot during take off. SID is setup, I have LNAV selected on the MCP and armed on the FMA, AT is also ARMED on the FMA. So I select 40% N1 with my throttle, then I press the TOGA hotspot below the course select knob. On the FMA I expect to see N1, HDG/SEL and TO/GA but there is only the N1, the roll and pitch mods are empty. See the screen shots below, first one of before I press toga, second one after I press TOGA. N1 on the FMA is now THR HLD as expected but no roll or pitch mode have been activated by the TOGA. What am I missing? Thanks for any help, Ram Homier