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  1. You can buy it for 5 million in the Operation Center now :D
  2. I sadly don't have a screenshot right now, but I get these weird shadows on the trees, because they are angular, or however you say. Like it's two 2D planes stiched together in with 90 degree angles. Also, they don't move in 1.2 anymore?
  3. Thank you, can't wait for an update to v4 :)
  4. Intro

    Yeah, I have been following the FF A320 for a while, but I'm going back to the roots, and doing some bush flying up in Alaska (Commanche not being a STOL, but it'll do with my DO-228 :D)
  5. Only in that specific plane, or woud I be able to use it in the Carenado DO-228 too then?
  6. Hello! Has anyone heard any news about the update for this and P3Dv4?
  7. Reinstall the plane.
  8. Hello! I recently bought Chaseplane, and loving it. At the moment I mostly fly a Carenado DO-228, with the F1 GTN750 stack, and it works great. I have a problem though, when I switch from cockpit view, to outside view and back, I cannot use the touchscreen on the GTN750. If I reload the SIM and shut down ChasePlane, there is no trouble with the 750 unit. Any ideas?
  9. Intro

    Just wanted to say hi! Avid X-Plane 11 user, who recently just got into P3Dv4 as well, and absolutely loving the A2A Commanche! Hope to be able to contribute in some way to this community :)