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  1. hughVFR

    ILS at CYYJ seems off centre

    Yes, Localizer, although I always thought the localizer was the equipment generating the localized line that I erroneously called Glideslope. AFAIK there was nothing wrong with the glideslope. I've encountered a few localizer-only ILS equipped runways too. -Hugh
  2. hughVFR

    ILS at CYYJ seems off centre

    Thanks! I'll give that a go. -Hugh
  3. Hi all, I was doing a couple of flights to Victoria BC (CYYJ), landing runway 27. Although it was VFR conditions, I tuned in the ILS frequency for that runway and set up my NAV1 to follow it. Good thing it was VFR conditions. I noticed that the ILS was showing the glideslope as being quite a bit to the right of me when I was bang on centreline. I have noticed some ILS do tend to have a glideslope that is a bit right of the runway (CYGK comes to mind), but this seemed to be right off. I've tried this with two aircrafts - Cessna 172 and the Mooney Bravo - both with G1000. Anyone else seen this? I admit that I may have made a rookie mistake that I don't know about, but I've been playing around with ILS for a bit now, and haven't seen it be this much a discrepancy between the visual and ILS glideslopes. -hughVFR
  4. hughVFR

    FSX SE weather stuck for past 2 weeks

    I managed to get FSXWX to work finally. IT seems it's not enough to have FSX loaded, but you have to actually be in a flight, before it starts receiving METAR data. Oddly enough, the FSXWX app was still able to get METAR data after FSX stopped. I may be wrong about that and perhaps in my last attempts, it really wasn't able to read any of the METAR stations. I watched a couple of youtube videos on the FSXWX and you sort of need to run FSX in windowed mode (i.e. not fullscreen, but inside a child window) in order to access the FSXWX console although when I kicked off a flight, it did automatically pick up the weather at my starting airfield which was nice. Fortunately it's possible to toggle back and forth between windowed and full screen as I found the virtual cockpit in windowed mode to be abysmal quality. -Hugh
  5. hughVFR

    FSX SE weather stuck for past 2 weeks

    I did try FSXWX (with FSUI running as a module within FSX). On the FSXWX console, although it could communicate with FSX, it couldn't seem to find any weather stations, and so I ended up with no weather in FSX (zero wind, zero clouds). The only thing that's so far scared me off AS is hearing that it is quite resource intensive. I am always half expecting my CPU to go into a temperature related panic when I'm flying FSX. -Hugh
  6. hughVFR

    FSX SE weather stuck for past 2 weeks

    OK, I will acknowledge that I should probably abandon the built-in real-time weather in favour of a 3rd party add-on. It's too bad really as the built-in was good enough for my purposes while it was working. For 3rd party weather, I'm a bit confused about what exactly I need. I'm just looking to replace the live weather updates with ones that work - I don't need a completely new set of cloud imagery. What is the simplest way to achieve this and would I typically have to run two apps side by side (i.e. FSX + the weather app)? If I need to run apps side by side, I can see a problem because when I'm running FSX, the rest of my system is unreachable (and it appears that FSXWX runs standalone outside of FSX although I never could get it to generate any current weather). I'd also be interested in a solution that is not going to tax my machine as it's already running full out every time I go for a flight (need to get a dedicated machine for simming). Thanks in advance. -Hugh
  7. Hi, I've googled this already and seen that this was a problem in FS9 and in the pre-SE FSX, and the latest post I found for this issue was 2013. Has anyone notice the real-time weather suddenly be stuck on whatever the weather was about 2 weeks ago? So far when I googled this, there didn't seem to be any option short of abandoning the FSX default real-world weather updates in favour of an add-on. So in 2017 and with the FSX-SE, I'm asking if a) anyone has had the real-weather updates stop updating, and b) was there any resolution? It seems folks have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. If I didn't know better, it is almost as if this feature stops working after about 2 months of using the updates. -Hugh
  8. hughVFR

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    I'm using FSX SE and most of the time it doesn't crash for me, so I'd hazard a guess that your notion is correct. If it weren't true, FSX SE would be crashing with OOM's an awful lot. -Hugh
  9. hughVFR

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    Short answer is that FSX is (unfortunately) a 32 bit application so it is only ever able to address a little over 3.5 GB of memory. I have a machine with 32 GB of memory and I can get OOM errors in FSX. I'm not sure what the solution is besides more CPU and larger faster SSD's so that Windows can page memory out to the hard drive. -HughVFR
  10. Thanks for the tip....I'm still trying to remember all the keyboard shortcuts. -Hugh
  11. I'm posting this peculiar behaviour in case anyone else ever encounters this and wonders what the hell is going on. Yesterday, I took the FSX Mooney-Bravo (non-G1000) out for an IFR flight from Montreal (YUL) to Ottawa (YOW). I take advantage of the auto-pilot while I'm still trying to master straight and level flight. On this particular flight, I was noticing that the plane, even with autopilot engaged had a left-wing-low attitude. This seemed odd given that auto-pilot was engaged. Then it hit me, I had added some rudder trim prior to take-off - enough so I wasn't constantly pushing left rudder during the takeoff role. Evidently it was too much rudder trim for level flight and it appears that the auto-pilot was trying to correct by constantly steering the opposite direction. I applied right rudder trim and the aircraft was banking left to compensate to keep the course. Eventually managed to get the rudder trim realigned and the plane flew wings level after that. One of the problems in the FSX Mooney is that the rudder trim tends to not respond right away, or more to the point, you don't get a good indication from the display when you hit it. Best to leave it off. Once again, I posted this in case anyone was ever flying with autopilot and was trying to figure out why the plane's wings aren't level. -hughVFR
  12. hughVFR

    Doing circuits in the Mooney Bravo

    Thanks for all the replies. I suspected that the approach in circuits should be gear up on takeoff, then down on downwind abeam landing point but wanted to be sure. -Hugh
  13. Hi, I'm practicing circuits in the Mooney Bravo in FSX. I so far haven't found anyone speak to this, but in general, does one do circuits with the gear down or if not, when is the place to deploy them back (i.e early on downwind, later on downwind, on base, on final?). So far, I've been bringing the gear up for upwind and crosswind legs then bringing the gear down mid-way through the downwind leg. It helps a little for getting the speed down so I can deploy the flaps. So far, all the check lists I've looked at for the Mooney Bravo only mention gear down on final (good to check obviously). I've been following along in the e-Book Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots Real World Training and once you get to Chapter 14, you're using the Mooney, so I thought I'd try to get more practice in the circuit before moving too far on. Hopefully I'm not asking a dreadfully stupid question. Thanks in advance. -Hugh, student of the Flight Sim
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. The Ottawa scenery looks fairly promising. I have the orbX Vector, and I'm considering whether the orbX OpenLC North America is worth a go or not. I'm also wondering if the Ontario land classes I introduced (from the flightontario website) may be conflicting - can different scenery LC's clash in FSX?). I will definitely check out the freeware scenery site when I get back home (currently that site is blocked at work). -Hugh