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  1. Ok thanks Blaze I’ll check out those points you have mentioned. I use GIT and it makes sense now that you mention it. I’ve probably missed something in the settings.
  2. I’ll try that again. Thanks. I’m using goflight pro yoke. I thought there maybe an issue with sensitivity or something. Could be a spiking issue I gues.
  3. Has anyone had this happen. After takeoff doesn’t matter what plane I’m in (all) it will pitch aggressively up on its own and I need to fight it to a stable climb. Some times it happens more than once. I’ve used pmdg 737 and it disables AP and pitches up by its self as well. Not sure what’s going on with the sim. It’s not all the time but the last 5 flight I’ve done in bonanza , pmdg 737 etc. it has just pitched on its own after takeoff.
  4. I’ll look into getting something in a couple of days. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I've got YBRK (Rockhampton QLD) from ants arsenal of airports and Hamilton Island also they work fine in p3dv4. Longreach is another good one.
  6. Active sky for P3d orbx global, orbx au, orbx au traffic REX4 TD with Soft Clouds Enhanced PTA pmdg 737ngx and Fs2crew reborn Navigraph
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