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  1. I usually don't mind about developers dropping support for FSX, as the truth is... it's old. However there're still some great products available for it, like mentioned MD11 or for example J41. So I dropped an email to them and got answered quickly. Not sure if I can just paste it here, but I'll describe it shortly. The scenery was developed using some new techniques for ground polygons and way above some polygon limits known for fsx. So making it fsx compatible would require remodeling and retexturing big part of the objects present there. What I've also heard is that making addon compatible with the old sim requires some old fs2002 sdk methods (?). I've done some research to check for it and it's true. There's some problem with layering that was solved in P3D V2. So with X version you have to go way back (15 years, lol) to develop. I've also found this topic: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,16116.0.htm Since I don't want to brake any agreements or get my license inactive (If that can happen?) I'll just leave it as it is. However it's really nice piece of art when you fly to Fuerteventura in P3D V4. I can recommend the scenery definitely, if it also get some FSX support in future I'll give it a solid 5/5. Kind regards, Mike
  2. Hello guys, I've recently bought this (http://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios-fuerteventura-2017-p3d.phtml) scenery from the MK and I was wondering if it's possible to run it in FSX SE. It's the same 32 bit environment so I suppose it could work, right? Sadly more and more developers stop to support FSX. I have PMDG MD11 there which I love to fly and that's the only reason I keep my FSX. As for the other addons I can use P3D this never received an update... Do any of you have experience with running P3D scenery under FSX? Cheers, Mike
  3. I believe it'd be nice to support this platform with more advanced addons. However as far as I know FSW physics engine is not supporting jets at the moment. Do you know if they're going to extend it? I saw somewhere that they want to focus on GA planes only. I'd love to see this weather effects in P3D, really amazing job done by implementing true sky option.
  4. Hi, I use both laptop and PC. Laptop is Asus with i7 and GTX 960M. It works quite good with FSX, I can get stable 20-25 fps with medium setting. However after longer period of time there's a problem with heating. When temperature is too high the processor speed is being lowered and performance decrease. Don't have this problem with PC, I use box radiator with i7 6700 and GTX960. It's fine for normal flying with medium/medium-high settings. 30-40fps is possible without a problem. :) Cheers.
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