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  1. Honestly, I dunno what exactly the CPU is doing on the process. My guess is that a lot of memory objects are being created, some sort of SDK/Framework objects being processed and initialized (taking a ton of CPU time) and also that things like scenery has to be loaded _and_ heavily interpreted by the CPU (things like, where to put roads, autogen buildings, mesh, body of waters, and so on...)...
  2. Well, I wouldn't count on that either, as I said, saw no benefit from single SSD to raid 0 on load times, even at P3D startup. Booting the machine and opening other related things, that's another story, but P3D, not so much. Just fireup p3d and monitor your CPU usage, you'll see a CPU core pinned at 100%, that's the loading bottleneck, and it happens on single SATA SSD (at least on my testing :P).
  3. I fly California a lot with all the FTX stuff, regular SSD (and a pretty common least expensive 480~500MB/s one btw), never saw that kind of thing you're describing. You should look somewhere else to fix your problem before spending money on faster storage. Not saying you shouldn't, faster storage is faster :P, but I don't think the lack of it is the root cause of your problems. Just for the sake of it, I tried Raid 0 with 2 SSD's and saw no performance increase on load times on P3D (X-Plane with ortho was another story :P). P3D to me seems to be bottlenecked by CPU, even in heavy IO duties like startup for example.
  4. Hope you'll get better. Take care! I'm 1 day away to be back at my home, my i7 7700k is there waiting with a new motherboard and cooler, I'll perform some tests and report back on the ryzen 1700x vs i7 7700k in a new topic if not able to found anything similar already posted.
  5. Something is seriously wrong inside P3D. I know it's not a video game, but man, the 1-thread CPU limitation is ridiculous. The focus should be Spawn the aircraft sim in one (even the aircraft can be divided in multiple workloads), the render workers in other, weather in other, AI ... etc I would bet that the SDK in P3D (and FSX) is so Monolithic, that a change like that would be messing with a monstrous dependency spaghetti. The only hope for the future (I really doubt that we will see single-thread huuuuge increments on the CPU-side, multithreaded is a whole other story, Threadripper is a reality) is a complete rewrite, a new competition, X-Plane getting some serious stuff like Active Sky / PMDG... Dreams dreams... Also, a more comprehensive way to separate addons would be great, every addon require no anti-virus, run as admin, some specific setup, whitelist on firewalls, and so on and so on... When I get my sim together I get that impression that everything is glued together, so fragile, hard to know what and when anything is going to break =/ .... BUT! ... I dunno exactly what is, but when you're completely immerse in a new situation, see something beautiful out of the window, dominate that plane you've beeing studying for days... That's priceless, and no other kind of "game" can do that :P
  6. I do have a 34" (Predator X34) and one Samsung QLED 34 (I do prefer the Samsung, more extreme curvature and better image reproduction overall for sim, but not as fast as the predator for other types of usage). I do like the extra view from the sides, a multimonitor setup to me is more problems to deal with, horsepower to drive and so on. The video is from my setup, everything is readable.
  7. I do have a Ryzen 1700x, OC3.9Ghz (I tested @4.0ghz, saw no benefit in P3D, and one little error in prime95, so got back to 3.9Ghz to avoid random crashes after 3 hour flight). The temps are fine (Noctua NU14S - 65C at syntetic loads, which translates into high 50s in p3d), but I do have another machine with a 7700k, running at stock speeds, I have to say, even in stock (boosting to 4.2Ghz probably, I never really looked closely to that stuff until tried Ryzen), the 7700k beats the Ryzen to it knees in terms of P3d performance. Ryzen is good for multithreaded workloads (this is a machine for my work with photogrammetry), but for single thread bottlenecked stuff like P3D, stick with team blue. In Brazil we have people selling 8700k delided with warranty from the store, so I really doubt there's nothing like that being offered in US, I would go that route, OC it to 5.0Ghz and be happy. As I said, I saw a difference in performance between both machines, so I tried to compensate with OC on the Ryzen, and it wasn't enough to unfortunately (the rest of the specs are pretty much the same, GTX1080 and so on...). And that got me thinking "hum... if Intel is so much better stock, what could I do with an OC'ed CPU from team blue running my sim? Will test that in a few days when I get access to my 7700k machine, I'm VERY curious :P .. Even have a new Noctua in the box waiting for it huhuh
  8. I can run at 4.0ghz easily too, but ocasionally (after 20~30 minutes) I get an single core error running prime95 stress test (probably would be fine for p3dv4). 3.9Ghz can run for hours without any random errors (actually I never found an error during my tests, and I'm not patient enough to run it for 12hours :P), so I consider it to be stable enough (also, the temps max at 65C with 3.9Ghz, air cooled by Noctua NU14S). Everyone reports 3.9~4.1Ghz on the 1700x, so I wouldn't say you won the silicon lottery, unless it's a non X 1700, then I think you've saved a few bucks :P... But anyway, at 4.0, 3.9 etc... The 7700k beats the Ryzen hand's down on P3Dv4, not that Zen is a worse platform then Intel's, it's just that P3Dv4 is still ancient technology at it's core engine =/
  9. I'm actually curious about that option too :P Hoping for answers. If nothing comes out, I'll open another thread asking on the subject.
  10. I heard about the Texture size 1m vs 7cm have a huuge impact, will test it tonight, seems to have a big effect! I'll buy a Z270 MB for the 7700k and do some testing with OC when I get back to my other home, if I'm satisfied with the results, I think I'll exchange my Ryzen rig to an 8700k. Thanks for the answer!
  11. That's a great idea, I might consider building an Intel PC without a VGA for that matter? I cannot do this with those systems bcoz they're on different addresses, one is in my "Work Home" (e.g. a farm, where I live mostly on the rainy season), and the other is on my "Vacation Home". The WorkHorse is the Ryzen, the Intel on the "Vacation Home" is a gaming PC only, I do a lot of photogrammetry work, so those extra threads are somewhat needed (but, 8700K 6C/12Threads, less threads than ryzen but more clock, is roughly equivalent for my work purposes).
  12. I have two pcs (and two licenses per EULA of Lockheed Martin), both have a GTX1080, but one is an i7 7700k running at stock speeds (the cooling is not so good, so I cannot count on turbo boost all the time), and the other is a Ryzen 7 1700+ OC @3.9Ghz (from the original 3.4Ghz). Comparing the two machines: 1 - i7 7700k have some edge on FPS, +10% give or take, +20% if the ryzen is kept at stock speeds 2 - Ryzen 7 have ZERO problem when it comes to loading the scenery, everything is very crisp, the intel machine have some trouble there occasionally 3 - Both systems have terrible performance at night (the know Dynamic Light resource hog), but in daytime, the GPU is chilling at 35~40%, not even doing any effort. It seems like that a 1070 or even 1060 with a heavily overclocked CPU will do the job better than my current setup... 4 - Both systems can keep 30FPS when in the air, at 8000ft AGL give or take My issue is framerate on the ground, sometimes goes under 20fps on the ryzen machine, and the taxiway signs become difficult to read at low fps, my question for the folks that had understood that p3d is dependent on CPU/SingleThread performance is: A 7700k or even a 8700k OC @4.8Ghz, maybe 5.0, will be enough to keep 25fps daytime everywhere? (The exception being maybe Heathrow :P) I need the multithread performance for other workloads that my Ryzen machine have to perform during the day, but I'm considering trading it for a 8700k+z370 and OC the hell out of it with my Noctua U14S :P Sounds like a good plan? Also, the PMDG seems to be very heavy on FPS only in VC. The outside cameras don't struggle that much, other airliners (like FSLabs A320) are just as heavy? [Update] Forgot to say the resolution: 3440x1440 - UltraWide - 2.5K
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