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  1. These just went up the to the Library today and 04 July... I have few more in mind and I plan to close out the series for the Warrior II. I hope you enjoy them.
  2. I recently uploaded these, and I'm working on some more. Hopefully available soon in the Avsim Library!
  3. Just giving her that old 70's look with some basic colors as simple designs that follow the fuselage lines nicely. Most of these are from photos I found on the internet, however the registration numbers will be changed. I hope to have these available within a few more weeks... JR.
  4. This last one was posted for download the other day and represents the last of the Archer series of 'That 70's Plane'. Next up will be the Just Flight Warrior II which I purchased about a month ago and have been having a ball flying.
  5. Gents, just uploaded all of these into the File Library. I hope you enjoy them. Sorry for the massive delay, my install of P3Dv4 corrupted when I upgraded up to v4.2 and with that.. I was so frustrated that I gave up on it for a few months. At any rate.. I'm back and slowly working on new skins for the Just Flight PA28 Warrior II. To be posted in a new thread sometime in the future. All the best, JR
  6. Looks like G-AVNP and G-AVBB are the two you are referring to? Sure... those are real easy ones. It's when the stripes bend all over the place when it gets really hairy, Yeah... I kinda like 75J as well. I'll do another with that pattern but different colors. JR
  7. Revised subLOGIC livery... added logo to tail, and UI-Urbana seal to the fuselage to commemorate when he was in college and where you "Learn to Fly" in the original simulator.
  8. And another dedicated to Bruce Artwick and the subLOGIC company he was a part of from 1975 to 1995... I felt the simplicity was what playing Flight Simulator II on my C64 back in 1984 was all about.. I hope you feel the same.
  9. Hi. I'm back with another series of 70's paints, this time for the fantastic A2A Piper Cherokee 180. I hope to do another 6 or so of classic styles from pictures I've found all over internet. Many of the designs will have that classic look from the late 60's into the late 70's when these planes looked their best (in my opinoin... lol). Look for them soon... in the mean time, here's the first two to roll out of my paint hangar. 36M and 75J. Both will come with wheel pant paints as will many that I do based on the original designs. All the best, James
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'm on vacation next week, after knocking down all the honey do list issues, maybe I'll take a look at modeling. For the longest time, Long Island has been left out of many scenery packs and upgrades. It has almost no user designed airports (last Brookhaven design was done as a taxiway correction for FS2004). I'd like to see these out there for the public if I can make the buildings and other object. The ILS hold lines are in ADE already and I've added them in over the original in my ground texture. It looks good. Worst case i can release the airports without the ORBX call BGLs and see if anyone would like to help design the buildings. Thanks for all the great advice. I hope I can pay it back via these airports in the hands of the public. JR
  11. Wow... says you can't 'call' the scenery, which is exactly what SimDirector does...that's a real bummer... so much for covering these airports the easy way. Sorry guys. I have no idea how to model, nor do I have the time in my life to even attempt it. JR
  12. Thank you for all the info... as it has been mentioned, and I tried as well, there doesn't seem to be anything available to the public regarding KHWV diagrams. A guy I work with actually Manages the smaller fueling FBO there, I'll see if he has any charts or diagrams. The stock airport is a mess... it's misisng taxiway 'F' as well as has no labels for many of the connecting taxiways between the runways. The ILS hold lines are missing, as well as many hold-short lines.. and countless other things. Hopefully I can get the info and fix it all. JR
  13. Just curious... why not? I'm not distributing their library at all.. SimDirector only creates a .BGL that points to the library object if it is loaded... if you don't have it.. nothing displays. Doesn't ADE do the same thing with all the FSX/P3D library objects? First I'm not selling anything.. it will be for free....2nd - I'm not including any objects other that what YOU the user have loaded already. I'd be hard pressed to think they'd have an issue with this... seeing I'm basically helping sell their product in a way... without purchase of their library the airport will be empty. If you purchase the library, it will display as it should. In a way, a little free marketing for ORBX. Next thing you know Google Maps, and the like will restrict us from using their data in SBuilderX to make backgrounds. JR
  14. well.. heck... here's the other two as well... ;) Mattituck needs more fine tuning as well... and seasonal trees still...but I'll get there eventually. It's nice to have these airports to fly in and out of as part of the scenery. I also have Fisher's Island, Rose, Talmadge, and Westmoreland Private fields on my radar. Basically, everything other than KHTO and KFOK will be done eventually as time permits. Best, JR
  15. sneak peak.... ;) Lot more image clean-up, trees, taxiway sign placement/assignment, and building adjustment to do. All scenery objects are either stock, or placed from the ORBX Library using SimDirector.
  16. I have been working the past 2 months creating replacement airports for Long Island, NY. So far I've completed Bayport and Mattituck. I'd love to get these out there for anyone flying in the New York/Long Island scenery areas to use. I'm 85% complete with Brookhaven....BUT I can't find a damn thing on any airport diagram for the taxiways. So far it's looking good and will be a massive improvement to the disaster that is included with P3D and all previous version of the same. But aside from driving there, and asking for a personal tour of the gorunds... which I can imagine will fly as good as a lead balloon with security... I have nothing to go on aside from trying to see what is on Google Earth. If anyone has anything on this nice, medium sized airport... can you please post it? In return.. well.. you can soon fly in and out of it... LOL! Thanks! JR
  17. Yes it will be. I have 3 more to put up and that's one of them. I've been working on a few airports in Long Island recently. I'll try to get those last three up this weekend Thanks for asking! JR
  18. The rain effect would be nice to have, but the rest I can live without. The 4096 VC can actually be added in the config file manually. I always find the bug fixes with anything Flight Sim related always seem to cause more problems than fix. Thanks for the info, I do appreciate it. Saves me the hours of hair-pulling I'd like to avoid JR
  19. Yes... the default airports are still the same crummy toss ins with incorrect headings, wrong taxiiways...etc as all previous versions. Makes for opportunity to learn to create your own scenery. JR
  20. I've learned in the past how all these "simple" upgrades can go. I'm very happy with how things run with 4.0HF1. What's the big difference in 4.1 and is it worth the change over? Thanks, JR
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