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  1. Where/how do I find aircraft carriers?
  2. ThrottleUp, I had my anti-aliasing at max, dropped it down to first notch and it stopped my GPU crashing. Don't know if this unique to GTX 1060 or not but It made me aware that graphic settings can possibly the unexpected source of problems.
  3. Working great. Haven't been able to enjoy it much yet. All of a sudden I started getting crashes and have been trying to figure out what's going on. Thought it might be the LGS app but it doesn't appear to be. So far have disabled all startup programs and services that might be involved but still no solution. Nothing on the log -- just lose GPU signal and have to reboot. GPU temp 69* max, CPU 67* max JDR37 i5-6600 @3.50GHz//GTX1060 6GB?//16GB DDR5 RAM//Win7 Home Premium
  4. Thanks for the input. I'm gonna try the logitech software on my tablet. I like the idea of having the display on a separate screen.
  5. jdr37


    Thanks for your response. Very shortly after I posted I found the GPU had failed (it was a used PNY unit and I suspect it had been OC'd a lot). Got a refund , bought another card (MSI) and all is running very well now.
  6. Anyone know of an app for Win 7 that will read and display temps for GPU and CPU on X-p 11 flight screen? GPU is MSI GTX 1060 6GB, CPU is i5-6600. Thanks
  7. Thanks much. As you can tell, I'm an X-Plane noobi looking to learn.
  8. Is X-Plane 11 payware autogen scenery better than what is in program? Example:A-Plane's payware for GA/FL autogen scenery is $16.99. Is it noticeably better?
  9. I have a new Win7 build, ASUS H110M-E/M.2 MB, i5-6600 CPU, GTX1060 6GB GPU, 500GB Samsung SSD, 16 GB RAM. Was running "test" flight to see how it would handle graphic settings, all at.HIGH with anti aliasing at 2X. I flew for about 1 hour at low altitude, did not check FPS but it was quite smooth, temps were normal and I was a happy camper. Then it crashed. Is it likely that I need another 16GB RAM? Or is there a more likely cause. Thanks
  10. I will be setting up a very low cost system with the primary goal of getting max bang for my buck when flying XP 11. Likely will buy used/rebuilt desktop with the cpu as primary consideration then will add RAM and GPU card as cost allows. In that there are so many GPUs on the market (well over 150 i3, i5 and i7 with 3.0 Mhz or better) I would like to get some "expert" opinions on the combination(s) I am considering. Should this thread be posted on the "general" or tips and tricks". Thanks' JDR37