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  1. Got it !! Thanks for the help guys. cheers SJ
  2. Download it is then, will it ask me if it’s standard or premium I wonder..pai £109+ SJ
  3. Bonchie, ok thanks, just asked Tony d/l or boxed. don’t have the MS store app however...maybe should get it !! thanks for reply.. SJ
  4. Hi Tony, moderator says he moved my question to the correct section..which is that. my invoice just shows the fs2020 Sim & another 3 disks that’s all.when I clicked on the pictures it said on each ad not available as yet. is the premium deluxe a download or boxed set Tony. Regards, SJ
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but am very confused regarding my purchase of ms2020. ordered the premium deluxe version on Microsoft store in a July. Today is Friday some three days after release. Trying to find out how I will get my order...is it download or CD-ROMs/ DVD. Contacted Microsoft on phone ( at least tried to) but no reply. i live in UK so maybe I’ll get it from ms uk ??? Not sure. can anyone help & advise ( especially in UK). checking my ms store account it just says “ completed” no link if it is a downloadable product. Cheers SJ
  6. Hi All, I do not get any "alert" sound when approaching my selected altitude ( usually 1000 to go horn), also no sound when approaching / leaving ILS for inner, middle or outer marker. probably or maybe a switch not engaged etc?? got me puzzled however. P3D V4 Any ideas anyone?? SJ
  7. Thanks Again Chaps, your advice worked great. many Thanks SJ
  8. Bert & Vcarlo. Thanks for the reply, will try your suggestions and report back. Best Wishes. SJC Keep the Blue side up!
  9. Hi All, Have just purchased the 390 premier 1A, having trouble trying to "enable" the GPU.. has it got one ??? or is it just for FSX etc. I am using P3D V4. Can you advise me how to open the door !!! and luggage compartments etc etc. fantastic plane flies like a dream but then again I don't have to tell you that. Regards. SJC. UK
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