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    Aviation, recreational pilot, fly rental 172's out of KISP. Main passion is to be a bush pilot one day. Also enjoy chess, hunting, archery, camping, travel and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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  1. Hi all, if anyone is familiar w/the flight training instrument section, the ILS approach one, where right after landing, or just before, the instructor yells "watch out" & the lesson ends; I read online in the past others experienced this apparent glitch also, but what I'm surprised about is that with the new update the other day, this was not addressed, just curious if anyone knows why or if maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks, Anthony.
  2. Yes I agree, I'm flying the Yosemite flight right now with the cub, fun aircraft, but yea, it seems one really needs to pay attention to the headings & distance so you can time the arrival to the checkpoints, but of course having fun is the main goal.
  3. I was thinking about using that or Foreflight but wanted to see if I could do it old school first, map & compass.
  4. Not fully, I've flown pre GPS in the past, headings & reference points, some things are actually bit more complicated in a sim, plus I need to get used to this program, I came over from years of XP.
  5. That’s settling to know, pattern flight is important to me, I’ll have to chip away at this. Thanks for info.
  6. I know this is an old post but I just purchased FS, switched over from XP, doing the Yosemite bush mission-it’s difficult to navigate that distance (like 856nm), with a compass & a map. I tried that “back on track” feature which I thought would show your position in the VFR map like a GPS, but it doesn’t. So I was left navigating by landmarks, which I wouldn’t mind if it was a much short distance & not a desert. Idk, maybe it’s me but this flight is proving very difficult.
  7. Hey all, just want to mention again, the links Glenn Fitzpatrick sent me worked perfect, even with FS stating that the other editions were indeed installed, which they were, they were not able to be active apparently because my time zones from my computer did not match the FS time, something I never would have figured out, so thanks again Glenn.
  8. Thank you super much the links you provided helped me solve the problem, apparently my time zone setting did not match that of FS, I adjusted it, logged out and logged back in and now I have the 30 aircraft. Thanks very much.
  9. Thanks i’ll read up on that. I have the bundle installed for sure it says installed in content manager but the aircraft is not in my inventory, only the G1000 C172 is there. Thanks though for the links i’ll read up on them.
  10. Thank you for that list, I can find the 172 Skyhawk in my installed inventory, I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but when I go to aircraft inventory to just fly & pick an aircraft, it’s not there. There must be a glitch somewhere, I appreciate everyone’s advice and help, I’m prob going to have a PC tech guy try to figure this out cause it makes no sense. Thanks either way.
  11. Hey Der, sorry to bother you again but something is strange. In the catalog section under “installed” it says “owned” next to all 3, Deluxe upgrade, Premium & Premium upgrade, and even in search under installed section in content manager I can find the regular C172, but under aircraft it’s not there, in fact there are only 20 aircraft total listed under aircraft, so something seems not right.
  12. Thanks Der, hopefully its that's easy, I said it earlier, flying a real 172 is easier than computers lol. Ok, have good day.
  13. Thanks, I'm going to look into that later tonight, some people on here pointed out I may not have even downloaded the whole FS2020, so will check out, thanks.
  14. YES, thats true, there is a ruff image right now on my setup when panning, but that trackball sounds like may solve issue.
  15. very interesting, for the yoke I like the yoke that I have, but that trackball thing you showed looks like excellent idea, so its fairly easy to configure that trackball to POV free movement on FS2020?; if so I think I'm going to purchase it, because that would be much more natural & easy to just roll a finger for viewing. Great post btw, thanks.
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