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  1. Rocker

    Metroliner Real procedures

    Can any share with me, checklist, fcom or something, thanks
  2. Rocker

    Piper PA 42 Real procedures

    Can any help me to find real procedures of the PA42, Thanks
  3. Rocker

    Recording problem with PMDG 747

    Wich recorder should i use?
  4. Hey guys, when i load my saved record with the pmdg 747, the panels shows off. Here's a capture
  5. Rocker

    B777 Checklist FM or POH

    Im searching for real procedures, thanks in advance.
  6. Rocker

    Looking A330 Checklist

    If any can help me.. thanks in advance.
  7. Hey folks! Does anybody have a Beechcraft Premier I A AFM,OM or a POH and would be so kind to share it?I couldn't find anything on the web and I assume you have to be owner or a operator of one, to be able to access all the technical information on Hawker's site. I'll appreciate anything available.
  8. Hey if any have one of those i'd really apreciate.
  9. Rocker

    Boeing 717 Real procedures

    Hey! if any have a real manual for this plane i would be grateful.
  10. Rocker

    CRJ 700-900 Flight manual

    Hey if any can share the flight manual with me i'd be very grateful.
  11. Rocker

    Any ATR 72 real procedures

    Im looking for normal procedures
  12. Rocker

    Any ATR 72 real procedures

    Hey im with the ATR 72 and if any of u guys have a real produres it would be ver helpful.
  13. Looking for the real CRJ Flight manual with procedures, thanks if any can help me.
  14. Rocker

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    Aserca Airlines: MD-80 Santa Barbara Airlines: Boeing 757 American Airlines: Boeing 737 Aeropostal: MD-80 Avianca: A320 Conviasa: A340
  15. Rocker

    Cessna Citation 550 POH

    Hello, im looking for the POH or some real manual with procedures, thanks in advance.