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  1. All, Two quick questions please: 1. How do I turn down the standby pfd (little guy to the right of the two main displays on the captain's side_) brightness? I have all the other displays figured out, but not this little one. 2. Anyone getting pauses - long three to five second pauses during flight? 'm wondering if it's Active Sky loading weather. P3D V4.1 Win 10 Thanks! Colin Ware
  2. Perhaps they finally purchased the Level D work and are going to develop their would be fun to see this mythical creature appear out of the mists of the past... Colin
  3. I'd love it, but I fear we will be standing by for a very very long time!
  4. Colin Ware

    Not Again - DLC Simulator

    You mean, like all the included liveries in the base package?
  5. Colin Ware

    Fly Tampa - Tampa and Buffalo

    No need to be unkind.
  6. Colin Ware

    Taxi2Gate KSEA Released for P3Dv4

    In real life that road is in a tunnel under the runways.
  7. Colin Ware

    Carenado PA42 Cheyenne III for FSX/P3D

    And that pretty much sums up this publisher's aircraft...not much to write home about...
  8. Colin Ware

    What's in your P3D hanger?

    I've not tried to install the duke in V4. The Legacy works. Not so much the turbine twin? Colin
  9. The only real solution for views, and it doesn't work for most Xplane aircraft because few allow you to undock the displays, is to put the gauges on a second monitor below your external view. Then you have a similar situation to a real pilot. You look up and out, or you look down.
  10. This would be easy to solve if Austin would give us back direct control of our joystick response curves and dead zones...
  11. I would add, make sure you have nose wheel steering enabled....half the time my sim starts up and it isn't...