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  1. Hi @Sesquashtoo, thoroughly agree. A point - you say that Reshade no longer crashes X-Plane. Can you say what version that is? Andrew
  2. Despite searching on Flight Sim Store and what I think may be Fastspring, I am unable to find where to buy this utilty. Steve, could you please give me a clue, i.e. a link? Is the product still for sale? It seems to come and go - it's not clear to me. Thanks. Andrew Bernard
  3. Hi Alex, Thank you. Is the UFMC format somewhat cut down compared to others, less capable?
  4. Hi Alex, I just obtained the latest x737FMC for the x737 Project 737-700 and 737-800, for X-Plane 11.11. This FMC does not load X-Plane flight plans now in 11.11, but support is planned in the future. In the meantime, Javier, the developer of x737FMC (which is really something!) says that it will take UFMC format plans. How hard would it be to make Little Navmap export to that format? Along with the large number of export formats you now support, Little Navmap is starting to become a universal format converter!
  5. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    Hi @RXP, sorry, sometimes over here in Australia we sometimes forget the huge time difference. I think the issue became insoluble on my system, for reasons I do not understand, even speaking as a software developer myself. But I am at pains to point out that when it does work this is a really great GPS, and a really terrific achievement to integrate the Garmin Trainer into the cockpit. Well done.
  6. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    It appears to be insoluble despite the best efforts of all. I have applied for a refund. To that extent, case closed, but not solved.
  7. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    This is getting long, I 'm sorry. A complete refresh of X-Plane from total erasure - same thing, Invalid License. I tried showing the GTN 750 in the Cessna 172SP - same thing. This proves it is not related to the Jetstream J32, which directly supports the GTN 750. The issue lies with RXP. How are we going to solve this? Google leads to a few similar situations, but no practical solution. There are log files from the RXP plugin and DLL, but they amount to nothing, two or three lines. Can the logging level be increased? It would be helpful to have visibility into what you code is doing at least at a logging level. In case it is of use: Windows 10 Home Version 1709 OS Build 16299.125
  8. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    A typo. This did not work. I am uninstalling X-Plane (steam edition) and reinstalling.
  9. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    The support staff reset my F1 password, and advised to redownload the installer, and choose reinstall. The reinstall works fine, but the GTN 750 comes up with the Jetstream J32 with 'Invalid License', yet again. I dont get it, because this is effectively just a new Window 10 machine, having been erased and reinstalled due to a nasty Microsoft Windows 10 issue, so it should be clean and pristine. the X-Plane 11 install is also fresh and clean. No registry keys have been touched. As a software developer myself, I find it rather curious. On what basis is the RXP software saying the license is invalid? What is is actually looking, apart from the keyfile? i'd like to solve this very much, as it is making me hesitate to get the FSX version as the same problem may arise, and it would be so nice to have it running in X-Plane again - just when I was getting used to using it! Is there something in the keyfile that is associated with my machine that needs updating for the new instance of Windows 10 (I asked this before, but its not clear what the answer to that is).
  10. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    Connected. I opened a ticket and the guidance offered there was helpful, but not successful It's unclear to me why this product wont install on a fresh copy of Windows 10. I am afraid at this stage I will have to apply for a refund and forgo the use of this really great and wonderful GPS. Such a pity.
  11. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    I see. So that explains it. I have followed all the instructions, but I did not see any way to reauthenticate for a new machine, except for some license transfer tool for installing on machines not connected to the internet. Can you guide me? At least this explains the mystery. Thanks! [I reinstalled 4 times today with the order retrieval process and so on, so I must be short of some step.]
  12. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    I can confirm all steps followed faithfully. C:\RealityXPRXP-GTN750-X9.lic rxpGTN-XPL-Setup.exe Could this be related to the fact that I had to erase and completely reinstall Windows 10 fresh on my system, effectively making it a different computer? Do you track machine ID's? The reinstall is why I have to reinstall the GTN 750.
  13. andro_b

    Invalid licence on reinstall

    Hi @RXP. Have read the reinstallation carefully and followed it about three times with no success. I have reactivated the license, no good. How do I raise a ticket for this or get further support?
  14. I reinstalled the GTN 750 into X-Plane 11.11 on a freshly built Windows 10 system, but into an existing X-Plane installation on a data disk. When I try to use it with the JRollon Jetstream J32 either it shows a blank unresponsive screen, or if it does come up it states 'Invalid License - Contact Vendor'. I guess I am contacting the vendor by this post. What is going on? Worked very nicely until the complete reinstall.
  15. andro_b

    Flight Plans Missing

    Hi all, A very careful reinstall of the Reality XP GTN 750 and the Garmin Trainer cleared up this issue. I had installed the Garmin Trainer separately, and also aborted the process a couple of times when it appeared to be hung - not very wise in hindsight. By solely using the GTN 750 installer which installs the Garmin Trainer for you, everything is now fully functional. And what a delight to be able to import user defined waypoints. And amazingly, just today the new 1.8.4 Little Navmap can export to the GTN 750 in X-Plane.