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    737 crashes on runway at startup

    Thanks for the advise. I turned off crash detect in P3DV4 and it for me, IT WORKED. I only did one flight, but it did not go into the crash loop that I was complaining about. THANKS!! Rob
  2. Rob Singer

    737 crashes on runway at startup

    I purchased a new version of PMDG for P3DV4, and installed the updates. P3DV4 loads fine and works well with the default aircrafts. When I change the aircraft to the PMDG 737, the plane loads, and goes through the 18 second initializing phase. A little bell sounds once the initialization is complete. About 10 seconds later, the screen changes to the plane being on the runway in crash mode. (The plane crashes - not the computer). I do not touch anything, not the mouse not the keyboard, not the yoke, throttle etc.. The screen just changes on its own. It then reloads back for initialization, then crashes again on the runway. Please let me know how to correct this. Thanks Rob