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  1. Voland

    Starting up the engine of the Falke

    Hi David! I have this one and like it. I also got P3D V4.4 and tested it now. No problem for me... You probably done this but anyway: ...choke it, ignition on (red cap and switch up), fuel switch to the left and of course the fuel itself 🙂 Good luck! Thomas
  2. I have the same issue. Tried it on both an android and an Ipad with same problem. Keen for a solution! Regards Thomas
  3. I'm also very interested in news about the J41. I'll "been back" a lot of times as stated on it's product page: "Product is in final testing. Please check back soon!" Regards Thomas
  4. Voland

    Saitek Switch & Multi Panels in V4

    Hi all! My panels worked fine in v4 earlier (without SPAD), then I reinstalled the whole thing and could'nt get it to work. I think the solution is to erase the "-run" value in exe.xml file. It worked for me. Try it! Regards Thomas
  5. Voland

    Help with P3d V4 4K resolution Dynamic Lights

    Hi everyone! I got a 7700 (4.9) 1080 and a 4K as well. A couple of nights ago I made some adjustments in my settings and was very satisfied - 60 fps in the intense Seattle region with "awful" weather. Clearly SAA don't work with DL but with MSAA it was a joy! Yesterday I installed Majestics Dash8 Q400, Nantucket from IBlueYonder and ORBX Block Island and hell broke loose! Prepar3d lowered my texture settings to 512 without explanation and a lot of stutters. I got a Hyundai again :) Despite changing back to 2048 and verified MSAA it was a nightmare again. The FPS dancing around 25-60 but with really annoying stutters. Don't know why or what but it's something that's not in order. I dont blame the installed addons above - maybe the problem is there, but my point is when there is so many addons (and even addons for the addon) it's the reality in Prepar3d. But at some point it worked really well with MSAA. Anyone knows about the strange thing where P3D changing the texture setting comes from and why? Thomas