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  1. Thanks GB for answering ! I did for few days because I wanted to try but, right now it doesn't work on V3. I had V4 and V3 PMDG installed at the same time but I don't anymore. I may try to see the differences in the dll.xml and the exe.xml to see if there is nothing missing because it's really annoying not to fly the beautiful 737 and 777 from PMDG...
  2. I actually folllowed all their recommendations and that's the problem ! I even reinstalled like 5 times Windows 10 just to say how I want those PMDGs to work ! I know its worth every cent I paid for but if I can't get it to work properly it's pretty sad...
  3. No don't worry I'm actually using the P3D V3-4 product ! I tried installing it on P3D V4 and it worked but I'm having too low FPS (10-15) and on P3D V3 I'm doing better so... I guess it's P3D V3's problem...
  4. I actually went on the website of course, that was my first guess but they couldn't even help me ! They told me to reinstall P3D, I did, to redownload PMDGs, I did and nothing worked...
  5. Good evening everybody ! I'm pretty sad to go to this forum but that's how it goes... I've already posted on this forum about this issue but nobody could help so. I'm going to explain you in few words. I've got every aircraft that I bought working so far, except PMDG 737 and 777 that I had on FSX (and really loved) and loved. I'm having this really annoying issue with those PMDG on my P3D V3.4 of black gauges and nonfunctionnal virtual cockpit ! However I got the landing gear out and the engines doe make sound but do not run on the screen ! I installed it with administrator rights, got simconnects installed, on a fresh installation of P3D, and it didn't work ! All my drivers are up to date and I've been scanning for any error with CCleaner ! Anybody can help ? Thanks a lot !
  6. I actually did but no answer yet... I even reinstalled Windows 10 and started everything from nothing, and it still doesn't work, with the Simconnects installed... I'm really loosing hope..
  7. I am sorry to post a doublepost, but I don't know how to resolve this problem. I've been installing the different simconnects, I've been removing and reinstalling P3D V3.4 lots of times, I have the C++ Visual installation that went alright, and the activation window that appeared asking me for the key ! I don't know what to do ! Does anybody have a guess on it ?
  8. I saw the validation window only once, and after that I didn't so I guess it's normal ? I've uninstalled and reinstalled P3D more than 5 times, and this is really making me mad, so I may contact PMDG's support yeah...
  9. Sorry about that, I should have been more accurate. My P3D V3 version is the 3.4, and yes I red the installation recommendations given by PMDG in their ZIP file. So I was launching the PMDG as only aircraft and not choosing the F22, launching the scenario and switching to the PMDG 777/737 ! So yes, the default plane (F22) is set in the default scenario. Then when I load the PMDG, I'm not having any countdown of "Aircraft initialization" (I know that message cause I used to fly the PMDG fleet on my FSX). And then, sorry for using the word joystick, I should have said that the yoke, in the virtual cockpit is all the way down actually and turned to the left. So it was the wrong word that I used. I apologize. Thanks first for helping me out, and I'll put that name right on my profile !
  10. Good day everybody, It's after almost 5 days of researches that I'm coming to ask your help. I am a recently new user to P3D V3 and really loving the improvements compared to Flight Simulator X. However, I'm having an issue that lot of people are having from what I heard. I'm a real fan of PMDG work and I am using their PMDG 737 and 777. On both of the aircrafts, when I load it, I'm having black screens, and I can't click on any button. The joystick is all the way up and to the left. I went on lots of forums to see solutions so I wouldn't bother you with a question that has been asked again and again. I've tried installing Simconnect, no changes, I've tried unistalling all the simulator and trying again with simconnect, nothing, with FSUIPC, nothing... I'm loosing hope because I really love PMDG's work and I just want it to work, as it does on Flight Simulator X (I still have it installed on my Computer). I already thank you guys for reading me, Regards
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