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  1. I found that i was linking to to my demo folder instead of the full x plane folder. It works now
  2. After the creating tile process finish i keep getting error message : Failer there is no file to sniff from the indicated place. When watching tutorials, there seems to be a xplane 11 global scenery folder inside of the global scenery folder. I only have a "xplane 11 demo area" folder inside of the global scenery folder. I thought this was strange Any help is appreciated
  3. Thanks Murmur, W2xp maybe what I'm looking for, I will look into it....
  4. Ok, I will try it. Also how will Ortho affect buildings and structures? Will buildings still be missing? Also how does Ortho affect frame rate? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info TurnandBank, i guess my only choice is to dive into it, i only have a 1tb hard drive is this enough for Ortho tiles?
  6. So I like Xplane 11 and how it flies. The only let down is the default scenery or lacking of it. When I fly over Atlanta, nothing resembles it, nothing. When I fly in Fsx or Fsw, I can instantly identify certain buildings and scenery where I live. I've been researching Ortho scenery but it seems it is very involving to add and use. Is there any easier solution for this? I've been playing fsw for the most part and would like to start using Xplane so that it wouldn't be wasted money. Thanks
  7. Hello i am the original poster. I registered under the user name KTU. I went back to check my post and it was posted by Smoke Diddy, i said who/what the hell is Smoke Diddy ? lol i emailed admin, no response Thanks for the helpful comments, i will upgrade to the full version
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