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  1. My impression is that ACE went out of business months ago. Look at when they last responded to questions from potential clients (and FB is their primary sales interface!!). 6 or so months ago. My experience was exactly the same as others here. Sad particularly as I had been a customer of theirs some years ago. Darryl and Ali tried to fleece me almost AUD $800. Waited 6 months for an order promised in 2. Always mine was the `next to ship'. All questions regarding late delivery were removed and eventually I was blocked from posting on their site (like many others who contacted me via messenger) Having been in the simulator parts game for almost 20 years I am very understanding of small suppliers in terms of delivery time frames. However with this mob it was clear something was not right as soon as the delivery time frame was not met. The excuses got more and more bizzare and contradictory. Fortunately I purchased through PayPal, realised I was being ripped off and raised a dispute. ACE did not even bother responding to PayPal's request to resolve the issues so they refunded my money quickly. Thanks at least to ACE for being so slack with PayPal! 😉 FYI the direct emails addresses for these guys is:- Darryl Shepphard:- darrylacw579@googlemail.com Ali - ali@737yoke.com He is the actual owner according to Darryl - I realise that this email address is my be useless as 737Yoke is apparently part of ACE and is therefore likely bust as well.. Hope those owed money can claw it back somehow. Scud.
  2. BE WARNED ABOUT THIS COMPANY As a previous client of ACE I ordered a 737 desktop yoke in April this year with a 2 month delivery time frame promised. 2 months on upon asking about delivery the excuses started and continued for another 3 months (during which time ACE announced they were selling the desktop business). As my questioning of what was going on via their FB page became more `direct' they began removing my posts (and anyone else who asked similarly where their order was at). 5 other buyers contacted me directly via Messenger and we established we were all being told the same story in terms of our order being priority one for ACE. I still have the Messenger chat from ACE telling me they withdrew my posts because <quote> 'We don't want negative posts posted which can potentially harm sale of the desktop business.' Unbelievable!!!!! Another month on after being promised a 2 week definite delivery (or a free yoke!!) which then was also not honoured I raised a PayPal claim. ACE did not even bother responding to PayPal's requests to resolve the matter and therefore I got my full payment back quickly. Thanks ACE for that at least!! I believe ACE produced good quality parts at a competitive price point in the past. But their behaviours not only towards me but many other clients in the past year makes me think they are on the brink of collapsing or are actively deceiving purchasers. Either way is not good. It would be interesting have a poll as to those clients actually waiting on overdue delivery of parts or refunds. I suspect the number is not small. So personally I must definitely steer any potential client away from them now. If you are still determined to buy something from ACE then use PayPal. I am relieved I did as I am convinced my money would have disappeared forever if I had not been able to claim it back via PayPal. But remember you only have a set window of time to make a claim after purchase. This has been my experience and I am happy to produce all communications to validate it's accuracy.
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