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  1. Does the weather radar on the Carenado CJ2 require Active Sky Next? I just tried to get it to work by selecting really bad weather in the FSX standard menu, then turning the FORMAT to ARC mode (also tried the others) and clicking on the RADAR button twice to get RDR selected. It then shows the "WX T+0.0" on the PFD and I can change the tilt angle with the knob, but I do not see anything on the screen. The TERR mode works fine, just the weather radar is blank.
  2. Before taking off with the CJ2 I set the Transponder mode to "ALT" and then click on the "TFC" button on the PFD and/or MFD to display traffic. When airborne, I now see other aircraft displayed as blue dots with labels. The dots also turn red when they get close (even when they are more than 100 flight levels below or above me!?), but I never get a "TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC" sound or any Resolution Advisory from TCAS (like "CLIMB, CLIMB NOW"), even though I came close to a collision more than once. Am I doing something wrong or is the TCAS not working in the Carenado CJ2?