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  1. Got it! Yes, the noise disappeared!! Thanks very much you two! :)
  2. I guess PMDG. I got it from their Operations Center. The picture also got their Logo on it. How do I do that? Sorry :| I saw a video on youtube of a real 737 starting their APU and you could hear it but if this is normal, then it's ok ;) I just want everything working fine ;)
  3. Alright, I reinstalled P3D and the NGX. I also deleted all the "Lockheed Martin" folders, yet the problem still remains. As I said before, if I set the "Airport Vehicle Density" to NONE the propeller noise disappears. I got that. I was talking about reinstalling P3D. I had FSX:SE installed but deleted it before I installed P3D. Another thing got my attention. There is a really strange loud electrical noise when turning the battery on BUT ONLY when the Air Berlin livery is in use (downloaded through the PMDG Operations Center). Also, is it normal that there is no sound when the APU starts?
  4. You're right. Hitting Q twice doesn't help BUT I set the "Airport Vehicle Density" to "none". Now, there isn't any prop noise. But how to fix this properly? It's like the other aircraft is beneath me which is ofc unrealistic. I will reinstall it tomorrow and see if that will help.
  5. Good evening! I'm new to this forum :) I just bought the 737-800\900 and -600\700 from PMDG. So far so good. Except, there is a really annoying propeller noise at the very beginning. You hear it inside the cockpit and outside but it should be completely (almost) silent. I uploaded a sample on youtube: I really hope so much that anyone can help me! This bothers me a lot! Greetings, Carsteb!
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