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  1. The problem perfectly solved by using E botton to select engine and CTRL+F2 to move prop lever,thx for your help!
  2. Thx for your respound,this document is very comprehensive,i really appriciate for this.But i am a muti-engine ac rating holder,i just want to know how to move prop lever to Feather position,that's my fault,sorry.
  3. Hello, i have to say PA31 is very similar with the E90 i flew,and it is pretty reallistic.but when i expericened a single engine out during enroute climd, i had a hard time to fearther my left engine.that being siad,i had to landing the a/c with an wind-milling prop on a 3000 foot long runway.(i used to land a original seneca with a fearthered left engine not zero thurst).And i made it, i am very confused by the prop design on carenado a/c. can anybody tell me what is the correct way to excute single engine procedure? Harris
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