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    FSX default Grumman goose G21A no spray effect

    Hi Jethro, First of all thanks a lot for your immediate feedback and your excellent suggestion to download the OZx Grumman as well as the expansion pack. Everything works fine and all my FSX gooses now have reallooking waterspray. kindest regards alfred
  2. Hi all, I have googled and checked all the files re this Goose but wonder why no spray visible. All effects files to invoke spray are there: in the effects folder and in the aircraft.cfg. Strange enough, the default de Havilland beaver DHC2 shows the spray effect perfectly. Any idea how to tackle this strange problem? Many thanks for your help and kindest regards Alfred
  3. Alfred Gruetzner

    FSX GPS and map grafic error

    Hi Charlie, thanks a lot for your immediate replay. Have continued experimenting and come to the following conclusion: The lack of depiction of the terrain in the FSX GPS / map is limited within the excellent series from (Hawaii) and only on different islands of the Hawaii Archipelago. No problem with Big Island and Kauai. I tested the map/GPS at LSZB LSZH KSFO and KSEA, where the terrain is, as usual, displayed correctly. So I have to knock on the door at the forum of Flightsim Thanks again for your help. Greetings Alfred
  4. Alfred Gruetzner

    FSX GPS and map grafic error

    Hi, I have a problem with the depiction of the map in GPS and in FSX. Example: I have the plane on a PHNL Honolulu runway, but can not see the island Oahu on the map and the airport seems to be in the water. I only can see Big Island but no other islands at all. The airports are there but all are in the *water*. Any help would be highly appreciated. Best regards Alfred