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  1. There's a lighting fix for the Project Airbus A319 on download section of Flyaway Sim if that would help. Just an idea.
  2. Bobn

    Problem with throttle

    Thanks to both for your replies. Charliearon, as stated the Auto pilot, auto throttle, and joystick throttle are all off when landing. I also press F1 as another precaution so the throttle idles but then the throttle increases on its own. MDFlier, I have calibrated the joystick in FSX, but not in windows, I will give it a try. It is an old joystick (microsoft sidewinder) so maybe I could try replacing it. But it works fine other than the mentioned. Maybe the secret is to save the completed flight with everything set to off, save it as the default, and begin the next flight from the same airport and not select a different one. Many thanks again to you both for your imput. Regards Bob
  3. Can anyone help please. When landing any aeroplane on touchdown I press F1 key and joystick throttle has been set to off, but when taxiing the throttle keeps increasing to about 40% on its own. I have to keep on pressing F1 key. A similar problem occurs on start up. When fsx boots up to the airport gate the autopilot/auto throttle is always on with every aeroplane so I have to press pause immediately & then cancel autopilot, otherwise the plane ends up in the terminal building. Is there anything in settings where these two problems can be alleviated. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Bob
  4. Bobn

    Controls not working

    Jethro Thanks for that info. I knew the 'Z' key enabled the autopilot as the AP on the default B747 instrument panel does not work. I learned that pressing the 'Z' key enabled it. What I did not realize was that if autopilot was enabled on boot up, it caused this problem. Thanks again Bob
  5. Bobn

    Controls not working

    Solved it !!! Don't know what I did but pressing the 'z' key put everything back to normal.
  6. Bobn

    Controls not working

    Yes this is the same one. But as I stated it's not just this addon not working. Two other addons exactly the same which suggests it's a problem with my system not the addons. I have since re-downloaded the addon and re-installed, re-calibrated the joystick. I have also downloaded another Stearman addon which has exactly the same problem. When selecting the planes in freeflight, the right aileron is fully up & the left fully down which cannot be trimmed. The elevator barely moves. Have I accidentally pressed a key or something which is causing the problem?
  7. Hi, Can anyone help please. I have recently downloaded 3 aeroplane addons, 1 from (Saab J105-OE) & 2 more from another source (Mooney Acclaim 2004 mod for FSX & Stearman PT13-A). My problem is that elevator & aileron controls are not working on all three downloads on either joystick or keyboard. When moving the joystick the yoke moves too but not the elevators or ailerons. Throttle is working OK. I don't have this problem with any other addons. Any help gratefully received.