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  1. Finally got round to buying the 777 plus the -300 expansion. Am running it on P3D v 3.4 I cannot seem to download the liveries via the Ops Centre. It displays the available liveries but clicking on the download button does nothing - well almost nothing. It displays 'downloading' for a fraction of a second then stops. Also I have noted that any updates in the notification sections don't seem to install. I click on OK to install updates and they appear to install, then the next time I open the Ops centre i get new prompts to install the same updates
  2. Aidan Hegarty

    737 CTD after load P3D V3.4

    Apparently it is all down those 'geniuses' (typed with mega-sarcasm) at Microsoft. There has been a recent update to Windows 10 that can mess up 32bit sims big-time. Microsoft are supposedly working on a fix.