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  1. Thanks a lot Rob, Very strange results to be honest. Perhaps the presence of SLI or other setting / options were interfering? Vulkan seems to be using less CPU, but at the same time generating 3 times less FPS (at least in the single GPU test)? I would expect the opposite. Not really sure why. On a side note: Aerofly does look beautiful and absolutely butter-smooth. I sincerely hope that low fps / stutters will soon be things of the past in flight sims. Isn't it exiting time to be a simmer 🙂 ? Regards
  2. Arasaka

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Thanks. That's great! I'm happy they are trying to improve some fundamental stuff.
  3. Arasaka

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Folks, can anyone please advice on the crosswind / ground handling behavior? I don't use the XP11 at present but try to follow any major changes. AFAIK, the excessive weathervaning was a problem. Are there any changes now?
  4. Yes, that would be great. Same graphic settings and location with Vulkan ON and OFF is what I'd like to see. Is it possible or convenient for you to perform a single 2080ti test? If not, then SLI would be fine. Thanks in advance!
  5. Rob, have you done a Vulkan ON/OFF test in the same location with the same settings? I would really love to get an idea regarding FPS gain? Is it 50% or closer to 100%?
  6. Hi Beef36, Thanks for the feedback. You got some impressive setups there. With G-sync ON, can you really feel the difference in XP11 when fps go below 60 to let's say 40-45 region? Is there noticeable screen tearing in XP11 on a 144 Hz monitor without G-sync / Freesync? Cheers
  7. OK thanks. I think I confused myself based of some opinions then. You definitely can be right that 30 fps on 30 Hz is equal to 30 fps on 60 Hz in terms of fluidity, UNLESS there's huge difference in response time (motion blur and thus perception of fluidity in this way) on some modern TVs compared to PC monitors. That's the thing, I perceive it as a big difference, even in a relatively slow animation as flight sim. To better illustrate 30 fps vs 60 fps on a typical 60 Hz screen here’s 2 links where we compare side by side the fluidity between two. This is not exactly 3D graphics comparison, but IMO, pretty representative. I have tested it at relatively slow speed of 120 pps. The first link is really cool. It detects your monitor refresh rate and gives you 60 fps and 30 fps motion side by side. Since my Dell monitor can be switched to 50 Hz, I also performed 50 fps / 50 Hz testing in and I can say that I'm totally happy with 50 FPS / 50 Hz combo as well. However, there is HUGE difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS or 25 FPS and 50 FPS. I see tons of small juddering in 30 fps. I have a feeling that 45 fps is the threshold, below which the fluidity greatly deteriorates. And the folks who fly in Aerofly FS2 constantly praise it for exact same reason - high FPS. My main takeaway from all this. G-sync can be a game changer if you can't hit 60 FPS in s flight sim, but really want to have 40-45 fps motion without tearing or stuttering.
  8. Is it a G-sync monitor? I just wanna hear some feedback on how does it feel in terms of fluidity if fps are fluctuating between 40 - 45. Does it feel as fluid as 60 fps? Can you feel when FPS go to 40 - 45?
  9. Does it mean locking my FPS to 30 if my monitor is 60 Hz? I'm currently on my laptop with no Nvidia equipment. I definitely tried that approach on my previous system. Yes, there's no tearing or really bad stuttering in this case, however, fixed 30 FPS on 60 Hz monitor feels significantly less smooth and has some sort of perceivable judders compared to 60 fps / 60 Hz. At least this is how I see it. I agree with all that. I'm totally happy to stay with Full HD and dial back some settings in order to get fluid motion. The only reason I mentioned 4k TVs - is that their latest models can natively have 30 Hz without image quality detirioration. As far as I understand, 30 fps / 30 Hz combo provides smoother experience than 30 fps (half refresh rate method) on 60 Hz panels. I think that 100% match between FPS and TV / monitor refresh rate is a lot more important than is seems.
  10. Hi folks, I'm considering a major upgrade from my ancient PC to a custom build X-plane 11 simulator rig and thinking about investing into a G-sync monitor. My ultimate goal is immersive, stutter free flying with no "judder". With my previous experience with flight sims, I was able to achieve desired level of smoothness and fluidity only with 60 FPS locked on a 60 Hz monitor with V-sync ON. If FPS went below 60, I was getting stuttering OR screen tearing when V-sync was OFF. Obviously I had to dial back some of the settings in order to achieve 60 fps. I have tried locking my FPS at half of the refresh rate - (30 fps) to avoid stutters and tearing, but to me it feels significantly worse than 60 fps on 60 Hz. I feel that constant judder and it's definitely not as fluid as 60 fps / 60 Hz. I have seen some folks advise to try a 4k TV instead of PC monitor and set it to 30 Hz to get 30 FPS smooth motion, have anyone tried it? There are few YouTube videos, but I can't really asses it without seeing in myself. Also, I might be all wrong here, but many TV's have built in frame interpolation mode which can make 25 FPS DVD feel like it's 50 FPS for example. But I'm not sure if it will work for the flight sim. Again, I would love to hear any real life feedback if all above can actually provide fluid flight sim experience. To summarize: my plan is to build such a system so I can have 50-60 FPS (ideally 60) with believable world and weather outside of cockpit. here's my questions: 1) Is G-sync monitor worth it for a flight sim? 2) Is 45-50 FPS (as example) on a G-sync monitor noticeably less fluid than 60 FPS on a monitor without G-sync? 3) How does 45 FPS (G-sync) compares to 30 FPS / 30 Hz 4k TV? What is more fluid? 4) You opinion on modern TV frame interpolation for gaming / simming. Thank you all in advance. Best regards, Arasaka