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  1. I believe there are charts for the US but not outside of the US.
  2. Ok thanks, can we expect an updated version anytime soon? I am pretty sure I am running low on activations since Iinstalled and reinstalled the plug in while troubleshooting the black screen...
  3. You can find the old trainer and it will work with it. It turns out that I managed AGAIN to reinstall my system during a trainer update. It was just too unreal to be true, but thats the deal. Trainer 6211 works but it will install an old database from 2016. Copy the database and save it. Install 6211 and then replace the database…. https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=9256
  4. Hello, I just reinstalled (new SSD-harddrive) Windows, Xplane 11 and GTN 750. Windows is on C-drive and Xplane is on D-drive. Also, the trainers are on C-drive as well as the Reality XP folder with the DLLs , the plugin is obviously on the D-drive within the Xplane directory.. Is that why I am getting black screen? rxpGtnSim.dll.log 19/06/29 14:21:08.188 12596 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/06/29 14:21:08.178 12596 INFO ] 19/06/29 14:21:35.038 12596 WARN ] unknown version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\Packages\GTN\bin (0xce644339 0xdd9b40fe 0 0xbaa0b7d1 0xfe48c6ac 0x4fcd80b6 ) 19/06/29 14:21:35.128 12596 ERROR] trainer not found 19/06/29 14:21:35.328 12596 ERROR] trainer not found rxpGTN.xpl.log 19/06/29 14:21:05.208 12596 - ] # win.xpl version 19/06/29 14:21:05.208 12596 INFO ]
  5. The GTN 750 works with just about every aircraft...as a pop up. Integration in to the cockpit must be provided by i.e. Carenado in this case. It won’t magically show up in the cockpit section unless the developer have a panel built in for the GTN750. You are able to do this yourself but it is too complicated to explain in short.
  6. Is there anyone who have modified the Carenado PC-12 with dual GTN750s and can share the files? Tried to do this myself but I am not very succesful. Highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. OK, so the problem is solved. First time the the airplane loaded it had the old GNS panels, no .ini file in the Aircraft folder what so ever. I select GTN 750 from drop down menu and the panel shows up but it is blank, an .ini file was created the moment I selected the GTN 750 for the first time BUT it is not created properly for some reason. It turns out that when I donwloaded the Aircraft the first time a long time ago it did NOT have a .ini file. Downloaded the Aircraft again and the .ini file was there. I just copied the .ini file, overwrite the old one and now it works.
  8. Hi Not sure why my post was erased so I write again. Searched the forum by my old topic and usernam. I bought GTN 750 yesterday and it works when selected through the top menu. But it does not work in VC cockpit. I have a supported aircraft and the screen is black where the GTN 750 shows up. Tried modded aircraft but the GNS 530 is not replaced by GTN 750. Installed from wrapper to default locations. What information do I need to provide here to get support. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am new to GTN 750 for Xplane-11 so bear with me. I purchased the RXP GTN 750 for Xplane 11, I have 11.25. I am not getting anything but blank screen in VC for supported planes and when modifying the ini file for non-ready planes I still get the old 530 displays. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  10. There was an update that screwed up 32bit applications. I had problems out of nowhere 3 weeks ago. MS said there would be a fix for that this week.
  11. Hi Bert, At the moment I have everyrhing set up with addons but I trust it will be like you said in the long run. So far I am having a great flying experience, stable frames and no blurries with Orbx recommended settings.
  12. Hi Vortex687, Tweaks have not worked for me so I usually run vanilla cfg. It is really strange, I bet you I get a different experience if I reinstall SE, thats the art of FSX :-)
  13. Opposite here, dusted off the discs and installed boxed after 4 years. Much better performance in boxed for my rig. FSX really is strange.
  14. I think we all know by know that FSX offers a different experience for different users. No experience is the same. I have been a user of FSX A and switched to FSX SE when it came out. Well, found the old discs and installed it after uninstalling FSX SE. I get better FPS by 9-10, no blurries, and 400mb extra VAS on identical specs, with identical add-ons how can that be? I use Orbx, 3rd party airliners and still dont get OOM on long flights now all of a sudden?
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