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  1. SpeedFlyer

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    There was an update that screwed up 32bit applications. I had problems out of nowhere 3 weeks ago. MS said there would be a fix for that this week.
  2. SpeedFlyer

    FSX vs FSX SE, big difference for me.

    Hi Bert, At the moment I have everyrhing set up with addons but I trust it will be like you said in the long run. So far I am having a great flying experience, stable frames and no blurries with Orbx recommended settings.
  3. SpeedFlyer

    Coming back from Steam

    Hi Vortex687, Tweaks have not worked for me so I usually run vanilla cfg. It is really strange, I bet you I get a different experience if I reinstall SE, thats the art of FSX :-)
  4. SpeedFlyer

    Coming back from Steam

    Opposite here, dusted off the discs and installed boxed after 4 years. Much better performance in boxed for my rig. FSX really is strange.
  5. I think we all know by know that FSX offers a different experience for different users. No experience is the same. I have been a user of FSX A and switched to FSX SE when it came out. Well, found the old discs and installed it after uninstalling FSX SE. I get better FPS by 9-10, no blurries, and 400mb extra VAS on identical specs, with identical add-ons how can that be? I use Orbx, 3rd party airliners and still dont get OOM on long flights now all of a sudden?