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  1. Keypress assigment

    Physical buttons weren't working either, but I seem to have fixed the issue! However, how can I set a button for the fuel pumps? Is this something not yet supported by the model?
  2. Keypress assigment

    Well, I can confirm that the vJoy button IS being pressed.
  3. Keypress assigment

    Ok, I figured how to do it, I'm using a program called UCR. However, it seems as if LINDA isn't doing what it should do when the joystick button is pressed.
  4. Keypress assigment

    Thanks for you help anyway though!
  5. Keypress assigment

    Ok, it's a shame since there's apperantly no other way to do this...
  6. Keypress assigment

    And is this a feature you guys would eventually add in the future?
  7. Keypress assigment

    I've heard of something which allowed a keypress to be interpreted as a joystick button, do you know how I could do it?
  8. Keypress assigment

    Hi, I don't think I got my point across. I already used up all my joystick buttons, what I want to have is have it where when I press CTRL+SHFT+A the Landing Lights will come on. I already installed the beta module, I just need to assign keypresses to functions on the aircraft.
  9. Keypress assigment

    Hi, how can I assign a keypress to a function through LINDA? For example, if I pressed ctr+shift+A the landing lights on the FSL A320 would turn on.
  10. Hi, I recently received a simmarket gift voucher which I intended to use on ChasePlane, but quickly realised it's not yet available there. Does anyone know when It'll become available there, as I'd really like to get it? Regards, Afonso