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  1. Iron Horse


    Yes Bill, I have had trouble locating that bird. I will put it way back on the back burner so that maybe if and/or when I have some free time, I may attempt building it myself. Or maybe in 20 years or so there will be one available. Ha! Have a good flight! Jon 9K8
  2. Iron Horse

    Douglas DC-4E

    Thank you Chock for the information, I have sadly discovered that I will probably not get that plane. I have not the time to devote to building it from scratch, even with the excellent program you mentioned. I thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response. I will continue plodding along with my modified DC-3. Many thanks to all who responded. Jon 9K8
  3. Iron Horse

    Douglas DC-4E

    I am searching for a Douglas DC-4E. It has a triple tail similar to the Constellation. I would like one for both FS9 and FSX, but I will take what I can get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would consider paying for one to be built if that is the option that is available. I am going to have it painted, so no livery is necessary. Thank you, Jon
  4. Iron Horse


    Hello all! My name is Jon, and I am new to here, but not to flight simming. I have flown sims since the early 90's (fs2.1(which I still have!)), when my flight schooling did not pan out. I am currently flying fs9, and am involved with two virtual airlines; Max Freight, and Froggie Air. I live in Kansas, enjoy vintage aircraft, and am searching for a Douglas DC-4E for my hanger. Jon 9k8 N7231S