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  1. Ah ok thanks, didn't know that, I had only just (re)installed it for the first time in a couple of years about two days before the W10 update screwed everything up, glad it appears to be sorted for now....until the next time Cheers.
  2. Hi, well I have been playing around with FSX again now that Microsoft have "Fixed it" and no more Child window errors however I was just looking at configuring some settings and I was running resource Monitor and it appears that FSX is now running all 8C/16T not sure if it was doing this before the "fix" or not though, anyhow it is running smoothly again now and I have just grabbed a couple of new GA aircraft to fanny about in. Cheers.
  3. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    I have found with FSX:SE that I don't seem to get the problems now that I have removed ALL (both of them) my add-on aircraft and airports (ORBX freeware ones), at least that was yesterday so it may change again today I was getting the child window / unsupported operation error even just using the default aircraft before (with the add-on ones installed). I still have REX Texture direct/soft clouds+ HD Airports (Skins) and ORBX FTX Global Base/Vector/OpenLC Europe installed but no other add-ons or mods and as I said yesterday for the four or so hours I was testing it I did not get any errors (though this was probably just luck). It is strange how these last couple of updates only seems to affect FSX (at least in my case), I have not had any problems with any other software I use. Cheers.
  4. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Really ? the 64bit as well ? wow, what the hell is going on I ask myself ? Sux...
  5. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    I not sure formatting Windows 10 will fix it, after reading of other people on here formatting multiple times and still having the issues, I wiped my FSX + Add-on installation and thought at first it was cured, but no, it returned
  6. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Hi, glad it is only the 32bit version of P3D, think I'm probably going to get P3D v4.1, time to leave the relic of FSX in the past and move to a today FS Of course I'm sure there will be problems with that as well but a change is as good as a rest.
  7. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Well good luck with that I've given up at the moment and am now listening to some music, think I might fire up 'Order of Battle - Winter War' no child window or unsupported operation errors there (I hope). Cheers.
  8. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Hi Dio, Well I myself do not have any PMDG add-ons but was getting the errors with the default aircraft plus my Alabeo C172 Cutlass and an old FS2002/2004 freeware Jet Provost, have not been using any other aircraft. Anyhow I have now got a fresh install of FSX, my Cutlass and Jet Provost, REX 4 Texture Direct + Soft Clouds, REX HD Airports, all have been tested in DX9 mode, no W7/W8 compatibility or run as admin, have been clicking on the menu bar changing weather/time/season, creating flight plans, saving flights, changing aircraft all working great for a few hours and I kid you not I went to exit my last flight to come back on here to report my findings and *BAM* 'An unsupported operation was attempted' clicked ok and found myself back on the desktop......NNNOOOOOOO That's it I give up.
  9. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Not really sure that Steam can do anything about it, think it is more down to Microsoft and/or Dovetail.
  10. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Hi, Ok, so I have been testing my fresh FSX install (still using DX9) with a couple of add-on aircraft now, the Alabeo C172 Cutlass which I was having the child window / unsupported operation errors with before and also tested a freeware FS2004/2002 Hunting Jet Provost, flew both of them for approximately an hour each, clicking away at the menu bar loading the map, changing weather/time/season, creating new flight plan etc and no more errors as of yet and didn't have a single issue with either of them (well apart from the Jet Provost getting through its fuel at an alarming rate). I am now going to start re-installing all of my REX+ORBX add-ons one at a time before I think about the DX10 Scenery fixer and cloud shadows, but so far so good. Cheers.
  11. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Hi, Ok so I thought I would post an update, last night I uninstalled FSX and all add-ons and wiped every single reference I could find to them then re-downloaded FSX from steam. Firstly I updated to the new nVidia driver (388.43) that was released yesterday then rebooted. Ran FSX with totally default flight, clicking on menu functions, map, changing weather etc. all fine no problems so I exited the flight, changed some menu settings (display/autogen/clouds) rebooted, launched default flight again clicking on menu (without pausing FSX) even created a new flight plan, changed season, changed weather and still no errors or CTDs, Great At this stage I have made no adjustments outside of the FSX menu what so ever, no changes to the exe. (no run as admin or W7/W8 compatibility mode) I flew around for an hour, landed, saved flight. Made some more changes in the display menu to make it look better (though no DX10 preview) and rebooted. Ok so now I made one change outside FSX and that was to turn on vertical sync for FSX in the nVidia 3D settings panel, and that was the only change I made (can not stand screen tearing ). I launced FSX again, loaded my saved flight, flew around for another hour, clicking on menu functions and changing settings and not one single error message in sight and FSX is running completely stable. At the moment I am happy that I have not managed to trip it up or break it entirely however as of yet I have not installed any add-ons or fixes and am enjoying flying around over the English winter desert that is the FSX default in a Mooney with a glass cockpit So now I am going to try a couple of add-on aircraft first as they will be easier to remove and clean up if they break FSX (hopefully), will report back later. Cheers.
  12. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Ah, I was wondering if it may have been an issue with the FSX exe, had altered mine to run in administrators mode but I had not tried to run it in W7 / W8 compatibility mode. I am now downloading a fresh copy from steam after trawling though my 5 SSDs / HDDs deleting every single reference to FSX or the many add-ons etc I could find, then I'll start the painful, tiresome task of installing / tweaking until it breaks again
  13. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Yes, I think the reason is because every single person on the planet has a different computer installation
  14. Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Hi, just out of interest do you have the DX10 scenery fixer installed ? as I was unable to get the Just flight PA-28R Arrow III demo to work for more that about two seconds after the windows update until I uninstalled the DX10 fixer however then all my aircraft would veer to the left on take off so I have given up and wiped my FSX install
  15. Yes I get paid in two weeks so I think I will probably take the plunge with P3D v4.1 as well I also don't have any issues with FSW (just booted it up earlier to test) other than I don't go a lot on the graphics or presentation but that's another kettle of fish and I don't want to start any flame wars about that, plus Most of my add-ons should be compatible with P3D (REX/ORBX and my Alabeo Cutlass)... Hopefully Cheers.