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  1. paulray

    SIDSs & STARs missing from 737-800 FMC (P3D v4)

    Hi Jim, Many thanks for the reply. I have now re-loaded AIRAC 1712 and can confirm that this has indeed resolved the issue. Paul Ray
  2. Hi all, I am finding that neither SIDs or STARs are available for any route I attempt to load into my 737-800 FMC (via Co Route or Manually) My Nav Data is using the latest AIRAC Cycle (1712 - Nov9-Dec6'17) and this shows as being installed and current on the FMC. I am using Navigraph Charts 5, Navigraph Charts Desktop, as well as the latest version of PFPX (1.28.9i) to generate all my flight plans and have not experienced any similar issues when flying the 777. An example from this morning: FMC>POS INIT>Ref Airport (LEMH)>Gate (9)>Set IRS Position - no problems so far.. ROUTE>ORIGIN - I enter 'LEMH' and the error message 'LN: 274 ERR at GATES' appears. Then in DEST - I enter 'LIRN' and am presented with the error message 'LN: 234 ERR at GATES'. I've never seen these errors before and am not sure exactly what is actually causing this problem so any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Paul Ray