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  1. Marijn Hummelink

    Using Replay mode to record videos from different positions

    That would be great. However, from a field expert I just got this message: What is your opinion about this? Do you expect Prepar3d will indeed render everything again (because there's another view point, a new render is needed)? We do have a serious problem if it's not possible what we want, since we already mounted the 24 displays and equiped each of them with a Raspberry Pi 3 video player.
  2. Marijn Hummelink

    Using Replay mode to record videos from different positions

    Regarding the Replay function of Chaseplane, I found this video: If you watch it from 40:50 you hear more about it. It indeed seems to do what we need!
  3. Marijn Hummelink

    Using Replay mode to record videos from different positions

    Many thanks for your replies. @WoozieI will definitely look into ChasePlane. We can use a 'simple' aircraft model, there's no need to use a complicated 3rd party plane, since we are looking outside the windows only and I don't mind the shape of the wing in great detail, as long as it's from a large aircraft it'll be fine :-) @ChockSo using P3D it is possible to define static weather including clouds, that will be exactly identical each time you make the flight? I agree with you regarding the stretching of time, this is something that can be done, but if it can be avoided it would be great. Any more comments on ChasePlane? Do you all agree this should solve our issues and maybe someone even has experience with doing it?
  4. We are looking for a solution where we can record a flight, and replay it from 24 different positions (6 cockpit windows and 18 passenger windows). All these videos will playback at the same time on 24 different LCDs to create a flight experience. Currently, we are facing the following two main issues with it: 1) The different flight videos that we record seem to have a slight difference in length, the simulation engine does not seem to run at the exact same speed every time. Later during playback, this will make the displays run out of sync. 2) During the playback of the recorded flight, Prepar3d generates different scenery (ground, objects, clouds, traffic, etc) every time the saved flight is played back. This results in images that are not consistent between 2 playbacks. You will see on one displays a cloud which will not be visible on the next adjacent screen. How can we avoid this? Thanks!