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    How to plan an Arrival

    Îm using AS16 as well but I noticed its better not to use the default ATC. So I fly without unfortunately :( I have been looking for a nice ATC addon but cant find a good one (recomendations are appreciated). I downloaded VOX ATC but I can get the voice recognition working. Anyhow I put 122 in a com and make an educated guess as mentioned above this works pretty good.
  2. Raymond Gilbers

    FSX Eating my disk space when playing

    I think I have the same problem sometimes as the OP. If I start a flight and finish it I need to reboot FSX I use a couple of addons which make use of FSUIPC and think that because of this there is a lot of memory being used. Nevertheless Im surprised by this (Im not a pc guru). So after all flights I reboot all programs. My PC specs are not low IMHO: Win 7 64 bit 32 GB Ram Processor: i& 4930K 3.4 GHZ Video card: GeForce GTX 750 Ti I use to TV screens connected by HDMI to this card. I have a SSD of 100 GB and run windows on this disc I have a dedicated HD for flight simming which is not SSD but has 749GB space at the moment only 491 is being used. I would espect not to have any problem but still sometimes i have issues. So im eager to follow this thread and if anybody could give me some nice recommendations feel free to give them to me Thanks in advance, Raymond Gilbers