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  1. CVeigas

    Can't get the damm thing to work!

    :( Thanks for your support.
  2. CVeigas

    Can't get the damm thing to work!

    Thank you for the reply. It doesn't work, in fact, linda starts with the * FSX Default outlined in orange. With the saitek switch panel there's some form of comunication, because before the scenario the gear lights are cycling, green and red. After the scenario is loaded and I switch the gear lever, the lights turn all green, like on the aircraft. But that's it, nothing else happens. With the MCP it's even worse, when I press the buttons it doesn't show on the linda MCP Combo page, where you can assign different functions. I got the prtscn of the console while I started and exit the P3D. Don't know if it helps.
  3. Hello, please help. I installed linda, "Everything is ok!" but on the sim (P3D v4) nothing happens! It must be something basic but I just can't figure it out. Please see the pictures at the end, thank you