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    FSX Steam Traffic issue.

    Hello Charlie could be so. But thats why I have deleted WOAI files from my Fsx steam so it doesn't interfer with any thing else and tried using AIFP. I have deleted WoAI files from there uninstaller and removed any bgl files from the scenery folder as well
  2. Hello friends. I am new to the forum. I am a flightsim enthusiate for more than 20 years and use this forum quite a lot on the back ground. Anyways I have problem for a long time with my FSX steam traffic. I cant get to work any other traffic software like traffic 360 or ultimate traffic or even AIFP with my FSX steam. I can only have WOAI traffic work. I dont know what the problem is its quite frustrating and pecular. Taking AIFP as an example I use the software, downloaded its AI model, followed all the relativly simple steps to create the bgl file and place it in the scenery folder in fsx steam. But I dont see any traffic in fsx steam. Is there something that is stopping traffic to show up? from other programs?. And if that is the case than why WOAI shows up and not others?. I am quite frustrated now. 😬😬Any help will be appreciated. 😩😩Has anyone faced something like this before?. 😯