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  1. Krimt

    Memory issues?

    Already ordered more memory. Was doing some flying and monitoring the memory usage. Without doubt it is using a lot memory combined. It is expensive to always try to keep up with my simulator flying and plugins, but hey look at the bright side, i get the bonus that i can fly anywhere in the world from my gaming room
  2. Krimt

    Memory issues?

    Hello, been having problems lately with xplane 11 crashing to desktop suddenly mid flights. Using P2A and xplane together is for sure hard on the memory for the pc i think. Having 16GB RAM, would you think this is below minimum requirements for having P2A run together with xplane? also running xenviro and world traffic 3 plugins
  3. Krimt

    Speech dont work

    Forgot to mention earlier i had atc chatter activated from x-atc. It used one older folder of P2A on my drive as chatter directory i had forgot to uninstall. I have now changed this to be in the newest p2a folder that i use. Maybe this was the cause of the problem. When i pushed the PTT the x-atc chatter continued over my-push-to-talk. It is now working fine and i am back in the skyes with atc on my side
  4. Krimt

    Speech dont work

    Yepp working now, i think what did it was updating to the latest Thanks for the quick reply on this problem!!! I will copy this and use for later if i encounter any more problems (hopefully not)
  5. Krimt

    Speech dont work

    Yes i have flown many flights with pilot2atc with succesfully speaking, i can do the speech fine. It just suddenly stop working in the 64 bit version. But anyways thanks for tip.
  6. Krimt

    Speech dont work

    Hello after latest update i have problems with atc not reacting to my speech. Grmr help is working when im practice talking but, not the atc when im flying. Any tips here guys??
  7. Krimt

    taxi to gate

    Ok thanks dave
  8. Krimt

    taxi to gate

    Hello ,when asking for taxi to gate on arrival airport i always get responds that gates are not avaible. Using xplane 11 and and wt3. Any tips for what i have to do?
  9. Hi! When p2a gives traffic alerts is it alerting the wt3 planes? Using the traffic button to display traffic in p2a im only getting 10-11 planes on the p2a traffic display. Im using wt3 plugin and there should be hundreds of planes in the traffic display. Is there any communication between wt3 and p2a? Maybe the planes are just from the default AI planes in xp11.
  10. Krimt

    Using different sound ouputs

    Ok thanks for the tip!
  11. Hello thanx for a very good product. Is there any ways to get xplane11 sounds for my sound speakers and the sounds from pilot2atc on the headset. Any programs that you will suggest?