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  1. ---- User Manual ----

    I never said it did. I said, VAS is in the red and my ram is exhausted.
  2. ---- User Manual ----

    Is there anyone running FSX Steam and Chaseplane? Tonight im going to just use FSUIPC for everything and test this out, without Chaseplane. Because iv never had Out Of Memory errors before. So its go something to do with Chaseplane because i haven't added or updated a single thing in FSX Steam in months. Instead, howabout looking into the problem?
  3. ---- User Manual ----

    Hello, im having out of memory issues when using Chaseplane with FSX Steam. By the end of my 1hr flight VAS is in the red and my computer starts beeping. This is a result of exhausted memory. Not sure why, I'v never had ools before loading up chaseplane with FSX Steam. Iv tried a number of config changes and nothing is fixing this. The end result is this. I have to stop using Chaseplane with FSX Steam. I mean, i have tons of ORBX scenery files loaded and even at max setting iv never had out of memory warnings or error before using Chaseplane. What is the problem? How much ram is this thing using? I mean, I'm running Win 7 with 16gigs. Also, i do not have these problems with P3DV4. Only Steam. Please fix this. Impossible to use under FSX Steam. Surely there has to be a solution here. Thanks