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  1. Really? Iv tried that upteen times and the SETTINGS always change. When i turn off all the movement settings the next time i reload the sim i have to do it again and again and again. Can you fix this? Its been a problem for years.
  2. Ye i messed up. I copied the 21 to my various but there were no overwrites which again is strange.
  3. Well im not convinced that mine is working as it should for one, i find it hard to believe that there are ONLY 21 sound files in the pmdg/various folder after installation. How is it possible to cover all the sounds using 21 files? My backup directory has over 90. Err terrible installation documentation. Not for the dyslexi! D:\Flight Sim\P3D Core\Sound\PMDG\737NGXu\Various\* - has only 21 files after installation D:\Flight Sim\P3D Core\Sound\PMDG\737NGXu\Various.BAK\* has 178 files in the backup folder?
  4. EXACTLY!!!! At least when you install Active Sky you are given another exe to run on the SIM side in order to install programs that actually communicate with the client. With REX Skyforce there is nothing but an install on the client. Am i supposed to believe that somehow its syncing with ASN? I never see any updates in my profile that shows me when the sync happened for example. Last Time Synced: NOTHING! Also, when i load and unload Rex i see no difference in sky textures or surrounding areas. What is being shown to me is what ASN is pushing out not what Rex is doing. In my opinion those who claim its working are imaging it. Lets see a screenshot of what your sim SKIES LOOK LIKE when you say REX is networking across two PC's and lets see a screenshot of what the SKIES LOOK like when its turned off. I bet there is no difference. LOL!
  5. Really? I'd like to see your clouds in your sim with Sky Force ON then turned OFF. Is there any difference?
  6. I've been trying to get Rex Skyforce 3d to do something on my network laptop. I have been running Active Sky in a network setup for the past few years, without any issues, it JUST WORKS however i cant for the life of me understand why Rex is not doing anything. When Rex Skyforce is running on the network computer i see no difference between having it ON or OFF with Active Sky running. What is the trick to get it too work? Is Rex using some other port? If so, what port is that? In the Rex config i have it pointing proper Pd3v4.5 directory. But when the sim is running there is no indication that its using any textures from the theme that supposedly installed in the sim. I get no errors and simconnect.log shows a bunch of jibberish that nobody can understand. Those of you stating that your running, ActiveSky, PFPX, Skyforce on a second pc other than the sim, what other things did you do to your config other than setting up simconnect, opening ports and sharing libraries? Unless there is another port that should be opened here i cant see why there is an issue. I have the weather engine off, sync on, network on. Thanks
  7. Upgrade to the latest version of P3D? Why should we have to do that? Its our choice as to update to 4.2 or not. I perfer to stay with 4.1 and will not do it. Why is this software reliant on that?
  8. Loaded up 777 last night and low an behold no presets were present!! Havent flown it in about two weeks. I wonder what will happen when i go back to 737 or 747. I guess i will be PO'ed again. Every update that comes though crashes. Ill be happy to send you all a screen shot the next time they release an update. NOTE: i get crashes while flying around. OR chaseplane will stop allowing me to pan. I will either have to exit out and reload it or it will crash with an error that displays on my screen. In a 64bit envir with 16gb of ram if thats the problem is really unacceptable at this point in the game. To be honest i was much happier with v3 and had zero problems. But then chaseplane started nagging me about updating. I know for sure, if i was to downgrade i would loose my presets AGAIN. I know this for a fact, i tried it a few times when V4 was in early Beta and i couldnt stand it anymore. Downgraded presets gone bye bye 😞
  9. YE BUT, what do we do other than set this option in P3D? I mean, what other settings should we be changing AKA ZOOM?>??? Mike
  10. Mark my understanding is that our presets are cloud based but i may be wrong. If that is the case then those presets should be there no matter if a local update is botched or not. At least thats how i understand it. -Mike
  11. Ok i have a big gripe with Chaseplane and that is every time you guys push out and update two things happen. 1) The app crashes, tells me it cant download or cant update something then CTD's. 2) I loose all my presets. Do you know how long it takes to setup presets? Im sick and tired of having to spend hours upon hours fixing presets or starting all over again. Take for example that last update. The program started updating then crashed telling me it couldn't update something and that it was going to disable this and that. In the meantime, i lost all my 737 777 presets. No presets at all. Thanks a lot. This seems to be a constant problem that needs to be resolved. I thought our presets were store on some server? Then why cant i retrieve that information and what does updating chaseplane do to those presets? Its not like im updating from v3 to v4. That was another fiasco in itself. I want to disable updates! I dont want auto updates happening and i want to ensure my presets are still there after a BLUNDEROUS UPDATE! -Mike
  12. I never said it did. I said, VAS is in the red and my ram is exhausted.
  13. Is there anyone running FSX Steam and Chaseplane? Tonight im going to just use FSUIPC for everything and test this out, without Chaseplane. Because iv never had Out Of Memory errors before. So its go something to do with Chaseplane because i haven't added or updated a single thing in FSX Steam in months. Instead, howabout looking into the problem?
  14. Hello, im having out of memory issues when using Chaseplane with FSX Steam. By the end of my 1hr flight VAS is in the red and my computer starts beeping. This is a result of exhausted memory. Not sure why, I'v never had ools before loading up chaseplane with FSX Steam. Iv tried a number of config changes and nothing is fixing this. The end result is this. I have to stop using Chaseplane with FSX Steam. I mean, i have tons of ORBX scenery files loaded and even at max setting iv never had out of memory warnings or error before using Chaseplane. What is the problem? How much ram is this thing using? I mean, I'm running Win 7 with 16gigs. Also, i do not have these problems with P3DV4. Only Steam. Please fix this. Impossible to use under FSX Steam. Surely there has to be a solution here. Thanks
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