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  1. PD3

    Hi Can any one tell me why when I start PD3 using Dash8 400, it fails to load and kicks me out to my desk top. have down loaded latest drivers for my Nivida. It takes me up to 3 attempts to get it to load. Thanks Capt Disaster.
  2. Need Help with P3Dv4.x

    seem to be having a confliCan any one help me please? Just moved over to PD3 v4. Having a few teething problems 1. How do I change the default Aircraft, Airport and save it to come up each time I start PD3. 2. how do I get my Saitek pro rudder pedals to work in Dash 8 Q400. I am using SPAD.Next. 3. seem to be having a conflict between Chase plane and Xbox controller when using the right stick for pan up and down it jumps all over the place. like what I see so far, don't like not being able to contact Lock heed martin, its like trying to contact MI5. What is this 7 letters at the end of the program to prove i aint no robot????? hope some one can help I don't have much hair left
  3. John

    Hi Bryan, Yes but I could not remove Auto feather and replace it with open FS2 voice.
  4. John

    Hi Can some one help me sort out how to get FS2Voice for Dash8 to show in the aircraft. tried to work it all out reading the manual, no further forward.
  5. Mr

    Help, I have Dash 8 pro plus crew, but I can not open it, I am being asked for order number, have no idea plus it will not accept my email address's. what can I do please.