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  1. Autoland 3

    Thank you for the explanation. I can see the benefits of it assuming autoland 3, safer option. It doesn't mean one has to use it, just disconnect AP prior to landing, as you would with only cmd Left in use. Tobias Wilcox
  2. Autoland 3

    Does that mean you if you don't turn AP off once its captured the GS/LOC it assumes you want to autoland? Usually you only need select cmd left and it should fly in and stay that way? Autoland I thought, was an option you had to specifically select, usually in poor visibility assuming the airport supports it and your equipment.
  3. Autoland 3

    When performing an ILS approach (app selected) but with only Autopilot cmd left in use, it changes to Autoland 3 once the localizer and glide slope are captured. Then obviously CMD C and R illuminate. It's not my wish to use autoland every time, is their a setting I have missed that stops this from happening?