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  1. Every time after restart my P#D settings go to defolt.Only weather settings. I have recover windows from acronis, but everything is the same. It happend after crash ASP4. But now even without it all the same.I reinstalled P3D client, ASP4. Nothing.
  2. doesnt help. Even without asp4 , i had this problem. I reinstalled everything, even prepare3d. All the same. I go crazy.
  3. After crash prepare3d , I cant set my weather settings as it should be, it always go to defalt. After start l can moove sliders, but it seems that it doesnt work, because I see Cloud draw density warning. I delete cfg. files, but it doesnt help.
  4. Mb view selector fs labs a 320. Doesnt work. When pressing middle mouse button, no effect.

    Now OK. Thanks.
  6. When I create camera settings it doesnt save key or buttons , so after restart chaseplane I have to do it again. Only 747 BCF can saves, but no so good as all planes. Now when I try to save new presets , it saves, but after restart all new presets are without keys. Help, please.