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  1. Hi. I am having the problem that the screen is not turning on for the GTN 750. When I turn the battery/avionics off the screen goes a bit darker so it seems to react. But when I turn the battery/avionics back on the screen stays blank. I sometimes have luck that after constantly turning it off on on again that it works but that is very frustrating. Whenever I try to turn it on the log reads: 17/11/19 09:36:13.635 13560 ERROR] Trainer Failed Task: 00000001 17/11/19 09:36:13.684 13560 ERROR] Die angegebene Prozedur wurde nicht gefunden., code: 0000007f I use the steam version of X-Plane 11.05. Regards Silvio
  2. Hi. I bought the GTN 750 yesterday and also have the problem with black screen. I managed to turn it on yesterday once buy randomly turning off and on the power of the plane. But today it seems to not work at all. Also tried to reinstall but no luck.