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  1. No Livery Manager in Operations Centre

    Hi, I have the same problem as Mr. Hammerfs but still can't find the livery downloader even if I select the pmdg777 for fsx instead of fsx:se. Can someone help me with this please?
  2. any one there?! need help with the liveries of the pmdg 777 and 737!
  3. yh ive selected the pmdg 777 and normally these options should appear but they dont...
  4. normally theres livery manager and livery downloader below the pmdg airplane...but i dont find any of these options
  5. yh but i dont have the options for livery downloads etc...isnt there a solution for that?
  6. yeah ive found it in pf x86...thank u very much... ive registered with my fb account so..yeah theres my full name and everything!
  7. hi...ive downloade the pmdg 777 but did not get the operation centre...any suggestions on what should i do? thanks!