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  1. jameslkey

    Frequency Changes not changing

    I believe that this issue becomes exacerbated (word of the day) if XP crashes and P2A is left up. Then after reloading XP, and being too lazy to re-setup P2A, I reconnect and start my flight. Maybe a stuck port in the inter process communications? I will attempt to reproduce the issue, but I have a feeling that XPs dirty exit leaves things terribly indeterminate with XPUIPC.
  2. I haven't narrowed it down to a definite repeatable and reproducible problem but there are times that the automatic Freq. Change gets "stuck." Symptoms include the labels for the secondary (STBY) freq. being wrong and odd rounding of 5s. ie 128.625 = 128.62. This particular issue is not huge but is included in case it's related. Sometimes the Com1 Freq. is very similar to the STBY freq. and appears to be "equal". Is there something I can implement like an update to XPUIPC to help with this?
  3. jameslkey

    Freq rounding problem?

    "Contact Warsaw Ctr on 128.76" would round to 128.75 in the freq box and then ATC would direct a freq change to 128.76. Wash rinse repeat until clear of the controlling area. Ver2.4.0.4_x64 airac 1713 even though it should be 1801. (Airac is my issue not yours)
  4. jameslkey

    Pilot2ATC Connection and File

    Check to make sure that the SQL server has stopped. If your not sure how to deal with this reboot and try again.
  5. jameslkey

    Magenta line in map

    It appears to be P2As initial decision on you arrival runway.
  6. jameslkey

    P2ATC Airport Library -- Taxi Maint

    Hey, active development is full of pitfalls. We'll just have to wait till it's a little more stable. But I feel it'll be a great resource.
  7. jameslkey

    P2ATC Airport Library -- Taxi Maint

    I would love to be able to share the airports I've done. Also it might be useful to have a "Standards guide" available. Things like Hold Short vs. ILS Hold Short, or whether a runway extends past the end markers into overrun areas, etc.
  8. Is there or will there be a formal location to share Airports?
  9. jameslkey

    X-plane B738

    Thank You!!! That was the issue.
  10. jameslkey

    X-plane B738

    In the X-plane 11, in the default B738 with P2A v., SayIt will read off and the practice will recognize my voice, but it will not work for the 'ATC'. The program works with the 747-400, so I know it's installed correctly and everything is setup. I thought it might be a plugin but I disabled all but XPUIPC and the built-in Lua that runs the gauges and still no joy. Is there something I'm missing?